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Asking for permission question
Posted by: TheDetectorDude
Date: January 01, 2015 08:12AM
Hello everyone and Happy New Year,
I know of a really good site to go detecting at. Problem is I called to speak to the person that manages the place and his secretary said that they could not grant permission due to risk. Anyone have any background on what to say in a situation like that? I am new to detecting and other than glass or aluminum in the ground haven't really encountered much in the way of hidden disasters, yet. I think the main concern is gas or electrical lines, but the place is in the process of being torn down. Is it possible to draft a document that says "I am of sound mind and body and release X from any risk or liability" then give that to them? I have been working up the courage to call and ask the gentleman directly. Trying to prepare myself for the crushing rejection if the say no. Thanks for any help and best of luck to you.

Re: Asking for permission question
Posted by: MoSafari
Date: January 22, 2015 01:31PM
send me an email at, and I will send you a copy of the permission agreement that I use, that contains a liablity waiver.

YOU MUST ASK IN PERSON.... especially with dealing with a person who is not the owner, in this case, a secreatary..... in my opinion, so that you can deal with objections such as liablity.

Good luck


Re: Asking for permission question
Posted by: Drjohn71a
Date: January 22, 2015 02:05PM
While I don't know much for certain about which liability she mentions, it may help to understand the liability farmers incur when allowing hunters, or any outsiders on their land. Some of the farmers in my area have lost their farms to liability lawsuits from ppl they'd let come onto their land if they suffered some kind of injury. Even if a person falls from a tree stand that had been put up by others, or stumbled and broken a bone, the farmer could be held responsible..

As such, it's common to have those visiting the farms for hunting or such to buy an insurance policy, and to sign a form releasing the owner from liability. This now costs about $200 per year for a hunting lease. The farmer could still be held liable for injuries caused by his failure to maintain reasonable structures and provide hazard warnings.

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Re: Asking for permission question
Posted by: TheDetectorDude
Date: February 07, 2015 06:34AM
Sorry I just saw your reponse I will email you this weekend thank you.

Re: Asking for permission question
Posted by: mudpuppy
Date: February 07, 2015 06:42AM
Yeah, you gotta show up in person...they will evaluate you in a few seconds upon first carry yourself in a friendly manner.:thumbup:...

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