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Littel help pls
Posted by: GOLD 72
Date: September 12, 2015 08:30PM
Hello my name is Jason Evans I'm an American Mexican i live in CD. Obregon Sonora Mex. I'm not new to detecting but have been out of the game for about 14 years till about two and a half years ago. I have been doing my home work on detectors all detectors and there are a lot of controversy on which ones work and which ones don't so i joined several web sites like urs. Spike TV and You Tube countless hours of checking . I have a Discovery Treasure Finder 900 Automatic Whites XLT Garret ACE 250 and Colorado Gold Sticks. The Discovery 900 is great detector the Whites XLT great detector and the Garret ACE 250 but with these detectors you have to pass right over the top of the target so i bought the Colorado Gold Sticks but i cant seem to make them work for me iv put in the hours downloaded everything i could find on dowsing with no luck even called the owner him self he gave me pointers things to try but still nothing. I have a lot of great places to look for gold coins and bars from Baja to Sinoloa to Chihuahua. So I'm interested in any advice on any long range detectors that actually work and a deep detector that actually showes what it hit on with some accuracy .I have been several times looking more than 2 years worth of story's and holes but the ppl only know the general area that it's buried in or where they seen gas come out of the ground the problem is if there was a house or corrals anything there before and usually is and the gas can travel quite a ways be for surfacing so It would take me two or three days to check one littel area using a grid pattern...I have spent countless hours digging everything that hits in a area. So long range and a deep detector that actually showes what it is with some accuracy. Now i know that for every 500 story's there's only a slim few that are true this i know but i also know that the history is there... Also iv been checking on different ways to detect waki takis camera change the filter dowsing any comments would be greatly appreciated please serious comments only this is very important to me as im shure you understand as a fellow treasure hunter Thanks best of luck God Bless

Re: Littel help pls
Posted by: GeorgeinSC
Date: September 14, 2015 03:43PM
I have never seen or heard of anyone finding anything with one of those "Long Range Detectors"

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