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Noobie from Myrtle Beach
Posted by: Beachtramp
Date: October 12, 2015 02:34PM
Hi all,
The wife and I are retiring next month to Myrtle Beach. Yippie! Looking into hobbies. Golf is on the list, although I suck really bad at it, and the Mrs has had a few lessons this year.

We like walking and spending time on the beach but not into sunbathing at this stage in life. So we thought why not metal detecting.

I've been lurking the forums, watching you tube vids and googling like crazy for the past year.

I think I have the shopping list narrowed down to: AT Pro or Makro Racer for the wet sand and ankle deep water and the Ace 350 or GoFind 60 for the dry sand. We can take turns on each one. A couple of pretty good sand scoops and some pouches.

Course I don't have a crystal ball, but my thinking is until we get over the initial hangover of retirement, we probably won't stray much from the beach for digging. I'm guessing sometime next summer or early fall is about when we might start getting relaxed enough to venture to more solid ground.

Any and all suggestions are welcome. What do you all think of my shopping list?
Looking forward to talking with you all.
Have a great hunt.

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