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AT Pro Arrives Today
Posted by: IdahoBaird
Date: January 06, 2016 01:24PM
Maybe, like RC planes, electric trains and restoring old cars/trucks, this metal detecting thing is hard-wired in the DNA and set to go off when you hit 60+ years. I never cared about metal detecting until I watched season 1 of The Dectectorists on Netflix or Amazon. It's a cute series and it got me started. Then I started watching all of the vids on YouTube; especially those on Garrett's channel. Next, I requested a couple of catalogs: one from White and one from Garrett. I finally treated myself to the Garrett AT Pro pkg. via Amazon. Pretty much the same as the package on Kelly Co but with free shipping.

I can't do much for awhile with 2+ ft. of snow on the ground but I'll get acquainted with the hardware and maybe shoot a selfie modeling the Garrett hat that's in the package.

Good hunting!


Welcome IdahoBairdN/T
Posted by: Elton
Date: January 06, 2016 05:11PM

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What part of Idaho are you in?N/T
Posted by: DC/Id
Date: February 07, 2016 10:15PM

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Re: AT Pro Arrives Today
Posted by: Rosehill
Date: February 22, 2016 03:26PM
I just received my Garret Pro as well same package from Amazon. We put it together but have not used it yet. Let me know how you are coming along with it.

Re: AT Pro Arrives Today
Posted by: Robby357
Date: March 02, 2016 05:44PM
Be careful, metal detecting can become addictive.good luck with the AT pro, been considering one myself.

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