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Repair Center Request - No Shafts Sent Into Repair Center
Posted by: treasure_hunter
Date: April 18, 2016 09:26AM
My hunting partner who works in the Minelab repair center at Kellyco has requested I post this ..
Please DO NOT ship ANY detector shafts to repair center, especially Excalibur's shafts unless your shaft is broken and under warranty.... It will save you on shipping charges to and from repair center and will save you on labor as well as it takes time to take detectors off and put back on the shafts..... If you have an excal with a pinpoint mod take the detector off the shaft and send just the handle with the switch...Repair center has shafts to test with.....

On The E Series like Explorers, Safari, Etrac, if the shaft has an issue with the pressure block then just send the upper shaft with the pressure block, not the lower shaft... If lower shaft has issue with pressure block then just send that.....

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