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Hello again to metal detecting
Posted by: vabass
Date: March 25, 2017 09:23AM
Hello everyone!

New register here in Cincinnati, OH. Thinking of getting back into metal detecting. I bought a White's years ago, maybe 1980's, separate wand and machine because I'm female and didn't want the weight of a once piece machine. Had a lot of fun with it but I've been away from it a long time now. The 2 plastic battery cases in my White's that held like 14 AA batteries is cracking. Last I messed with it, I had to wrap it in electrical tape to hold it together. The new machines look so awesome with their digital indications of metal type and depth and 2 AA batteries! I've been watching videos trying to decide what's the best machine for me. I'm really leaning toward something like the Fisher F22 or Fisher F44 because of the 2.3 pound weight and 5 year warranty, but I'm also looking for advice! Are these reliable machines? I'm reading a few reviews that say they stopped working early on. What's your best recommendation? Also, for you other ladies in the forum, I've always been hesitant to search some areas because of fear of being alone. Do you have the same concerns or what's your experience?

Re: Hello again to metal detecting
Posted by: HaloEffect426
Date: April 03, 2017 09:40PM
Hello and welcome to the forum!
From Indiana.... Yes , i understand what you mean about all the new technology out there. can be overwhelming,. I too was very active in metal detecting in the good old 80's
Had a Whites 6db hip mount in the early 80's....though i started in 1974 as lil nine yr. Old boy with a tiny tex...bfo detector.
I do not know about the fisher models you are looking at although. I have heard and read some great things about the fisher F 75. as a real deep seeker
Just got a Garrett AT pro for christmas and love this machine!
The newer tech. Thats out there is amazing....i'm still used to the fast swinging.vlf whites of the eightys...too
You may like the.garrett atp as a great machine.?
Also .....tbere is alot of talk about Teknetics new Patriot..just now coming out as a
Fisher F 75. Well...more or less....clone for an awesome lower price...
Think there is a pre order out for april. And a$50 rebate. From our sponsers here on findmall.
Though im really impressed with the garrett atp.....if i were to get a back up...
The patriot may be the one...i'm gonna let it run for now though as it is very brand new
And i will wait to see some reviews from new users for the first year it is out..

Just. A few thoughts...... Read the posts here for the fisher users and you will
Find a huge amount of ppl out there tht.will be happy to share their thoughts on any model you might be looking into buying
Ask around n good luck....welcome back to the hobby!
Happy Hunting!
From HaloEffect426.... (Chris)

Detecting since 1974 !
Detectors owned = D-Tex, Tiny Tex (BFO) Whites 1db. 6db. 6000Di. Teknetics 8500b. Mini Red Baron
(Bounty Hunter) Whites Eagle two sl '90. Spectrum.
Garrett AT Pro.

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