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Posted by: sasquache
Date: January 31, 2013 04:14AM
I love brookfishing the brook trout up here in Northern Maine are really fun too catch and are awesome too eat.

Re: Fishing!
Posted by: gear box
Date: January 31, 2013 06:51PM
Sasquache, I've alway's thought fishing for trout in a natural stream with the woods and and grass around you would be a gas. Are the brookies wild or released? Either way that would be a lot of fun. We have a few trout streams about 2 hrs. away but most if not all the trout are raised not wild. There are 4 trout ponds a couple miles down the road from where I live that the DNR releases a bunch of trout 2 or 3 times a year for anybody who wants to fish for them but it never seemed very sporting to me so I take a pass. Do you use a fly rod or a spinning outfit? I use a fly rod on occasion for the bluegills and that is a riot, lot's of fun there.

Re: Fishing!
Posted by: amcjavelin
Date: January 31, 2013 08:13PM
Hey Sas i like brook fishing myself love those little native trout!

Re: Fishing!
Posted by: Steve O
Date: February 01, 2013 01:13PM
My favorite trout fishing was in Bennington Vermont where my father-in-law was raised. He would drop me off at the stream, drive up stream a mile, park the car and he would fish heading upstream for a mile. I fished the mile up to the car, then drive a mile up to pick him up....took most of the day. I wouldn't see or hear anyone for that mile. No litter, no cigarette buts, no cans, just ferns and, a fellow looses all stress and worries during that mile. The trout, man they were the tastiest.

Re: Fishing!
Posted by: Woodchuck
Date: February 02, 2013 11:02PM
In another life I use to fish LOL, now my stuff just sits,you name it I got it Bass,Walleye,Trout gear I got it, even had the dang bass boat.I even tried to sell the stuff, but got tired trying to list it to sell.LOL So it sits ,hmmm maybe one day i'll go fishing again. Worst part I use to be a fishing fanatic,it cost me my first marriage ho hum now its dang metal detectors !

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Re: Fishing!
Posted by: Saltshaker
Date: February 07, 2013 10:48PM
Up here in Northern Ohio, we got Steelhead trout in the rivers this time of year. I havent been out in a year or so but they are very fun to catch. Tons of people travel up here for the fishing. The last one I caught was about 5 pounds and I took it home for the grill. They taste pretty good but most dont like to eat them.

Re: Fishing!
Posted by: mudpuppy
Date: February 08, 2013 07:09AM
Yep, me too! Until that is, this metal detecting came along...those little native brookies up in the beaver ponds are amazing fighters and as pretty a fish as a guy could hope for. I've got 300' of river on the Muskegon river in primary steelhead/salmon/walleye/smallmouth water where I used to spend all my time...last time I was there, I took the detector instead of a its for sale...a friend of mine just called this week, says he just bought a fishing lodge on the Naknek river in King Salmon AK...asked if I wanted to come up this summer for kings...first thing out of my mouth..."is there any nuggets in the gravel?"...I was also thinking about that is my prime beach sweeping season, yeah, this detecting thing really grabbed a hold...maybe a bunch of us should get some fishing therapy and put these danged pennyfinders down for a an intervention type of thing, except we get to fish again!

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Re: Fishing!
Posted by: GeorgeinSC
Date: February 08, 2013 09:54AM
My hobbies have been hunting and fishing for many many years. Just started detecting five months ago. I love to catch fish regardless of species. I sometimes go to Wv to trout fish but most of fishing is here in South Carolina. In the spring I like to fish for blue catfish in the shallow waters where they feed on mussels and also go to spawn. However most of my fishing is for "Bream". For you guys us "Nawth" bream is a Southern Term for all sunfishes (bluegills included) except shellcrackers. My fishing buddy and I try to put on two fish fries each year. We catch 800-1000 bream every year that are nice keeping size and throw back hundreds that are too small.

Re: Fishing!
Posted by: valeria
Date: February 08, 2013 10:50PM
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Re: Fishing!
Posted by: Mark12
Date: March 05, 2013 03:38AM
Good job for you.

Re: Fishing!
Posted by: skookum
Date: March 07, 2013 06:09AM
Well my hobby is my work i.e. networking. I love to solve problem related to my work.

Have you ever been fishing ??
Besides seeing nature you can get wet feet or a tan or even catch a cold - something you can

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Re: Fishing!
Posted by: NM5K
Date: March 08, 2013 09:29PM
I used to fish quite a bit, but haven't been at it in a good while. Part of it is all the stuff I need..
Really need to buy some new tackle, and at least one new rod and reel.. Most all my old stuff is wore
out, lost, or broke. I had a nice open face reel, but can't fiqure out what I did with it.. It's around
here somewhere... But it's more for salt water.. Need a new fresh water rig for the lakes.
Then the licenses, bait, etc..
I've had some land up at Lake Eufaula in OK since 07, and I still haven't gone fishing there yet. :shrug:
For all the mentioned reasons, and the license, they will gouge me extra, being I'm from out of state.. :(
But there is supposed to be some pretty good fishing on that lake. I'll break down and go for it one of
these days. I wish I had a small fishing boat to use up there, so I could cruise the shorelines and coves.
Used to go down to Freeport, Quintana beach, TX etc, for salt water, but hadn't done that in a while.
Thinking about eating some decent fresh fish kind of makes me want to get off my lazy differential.

Re: Fishing!
Posted by: sasquache
Date: March 25, 2013 04:50AM
Hey Sas i like brook fishing myself love those little native trout!
Thay are awesome too eat Brandon man that is what im doing more of this year with my 7 year old daughter Emily.Metal detecting in between or when time allows.

Re: Fishing!
Posted by: GateKeeper
Date: March 31, 2013 10:56PM
Love to hunt for monsters.

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Re: Fishing!
Posted by: Steve O
Date: April 02, 2013 05:30AM
Nice fish Mud, looks like he's got some muscle.

Holy mackerel Gate, hope the cameraman was quick with the shot, you might of popped a spring.

Thanks for the pictures guys, enjoy lookin at them. Inspires me to want to put my fishing kayak to more use.

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