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Re: Fishing!
Posted by: Sataro
Date: January 28, 2016 12:29PM
Been fishing all my life. Mostly crappie & bass down here in Texas. Just traded for a bass boat back in November & planning on doing some fishing. Then I got bit by the detecting bug again. Now all my free time is spent detecting. Boat is just sitting out in the back yard. Going to have to figure out time for both of them...

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Re: Fishing!
Posted by: jerseyjim
Date: February 14, 2016 04:11PM
Looks like that Pike came from Canada.That is a nice fish.

Re: Fishing!
Posted by: earthlypotluck
Date: February 21, 2016 05:54PM
I use to love fishing in the little streams of Bennington, VT. Some of my best trout fishing was in this very town. Very peaceful and relaxing.

Steve O
My favorite trout fishing was in Bennington Vermont where my father-in-law was raised. He would drop me off at the stream, drive up stream a mile, park the car and he would fish heading upstream for a mile. I fished the mile up to the car, then drive a mile up to pick him up....took most of the day. I wouldn't see or hear anyone for that mile. No litter, no cigarette buts, no cans, just ferns and, a fellow looses all stress and worries during that mile. The trout, man they were the tastiest.[/quote

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Re: Fishing!
Posted by: goldnugget
Date: February 26, 2016 08:19PM
Dirt Fishing since 1979, I see some other Dirt Fishers on this Thread

Re: Fishing!
Posted by: Rick1-2
Date: February 19, 2017 01:39AM
I fish offshore in the gulf, anywhere from 15 to 40 miles, unfortunately here in the big bend of fl to get to deep water you have to travel out, my closest spot we catch grouper is 17 miles offshore and its 39 ft deep

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