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Whats your funniest belly laughing true story?
Posted by: ironsight
Date: July 08, 2015 02:10PM
I need a good laugh these days problem is there's not much to laugh at with one catastrophe after another happening lately. So i looked back for some humorous incidents. I suppose laughing can loosely be called a hobby.

Meditation Day at the religious retreat
Think it was 8th grade when we were all corralled up for a field trip to a religious monastery for what was supposed to be a meditative retreat.
The boys were separated from the girls and sent to different grottos for the event.

After a sermon by one of the priests on prayer, reflection and meditation, he required us to be extremely quiet and meditate for a HALF HOUR? He left the grotto and closed the door. It was indeed quiet for this pious event. It was so quiet you could literally hear a pin drop.

All was going well then out of this still quietness, without warning, there was a very very LOUD echoing flatulence squeak! :rofl:
The laughing and commotion was so loud, the priest heard it outside and came rushing in. He tried everything to quiet us down, the more he tried the louder the laughter got. At some point he finally realized it was hopeless and started laughing himself not knowing the root cause of it all.
What did he think would happen trying to get a bunch of 8th grade boys to be quiet for a half hour? :rofl:

Duncan, the break thru wonder dog!
My old buddy Duncan had a habit of running up the back porch stairs. One day he ran up those stairs faster than usual and with his 80 pounds of inertia, he couldn't stop in time.
That old dog broke right through the bottom partition of the screen door. He lay on the kitchen floor with the goofiest look on his face. :rofl:
Instead of being POd having to fix the door now, i laughed and for a few days after too.

Taking notes
Our group had a new manager. A more than serious guy who never cracked a smile. A manager with new silly out of place rules.
During his first staff meeting he required us all to take detailed notes and would randomly pick one of us to refresh the events of the last staff meeting. Now this was kind of a joke as staff meetings previously amounted to brief project updates then a BS session with soda, beer and pizza at the end.

So the next staff meeting we all complied with our notebooks and pencil in hand. That is except John a Chinese Engineer who was sort of a jokester.
He sat there erect with a very serious look on his face eyes glued to the new manager.
There was some snickering, giggling and when i looked at John, his 'note book' was a tiny 1 inch by 1 inch piece of paper! :rofl:

We all tried to hold it back but it was becoming increasingly impossible. Couldn't help myself, my laughter dam finally broke and let out with a loud belly laugh and most others followed. There were a few with straight faces who didn't think it was funny which made it all the funnier to the rest of us.
The new manager clueless with a serious look kept asking whats so funny? I repeat whats so funny? He finally felt around his face and looked down at his zipper! :rofl:
The place was up for grabs now. :rofl:

The department Director whose office was just down the hall even barged in to see what the commotion was all about. After a few minutes he got a contact laugh. That was the last straw for that new manager never even cracking a smile during the mayhem stormed out of the room.
Finding out later the cause of the ruckus, at the next staff meeting he made a brief statement no longer requiring us to take notes.

Re: Whats your funniest belly laughing true story?
Posted by: ironsight
Date: July 22, 2015 10:14AM
No one here have any humorous stories? Hard to believe! :shrug:

Re: Whats your funniest belly laughing true story?
Posted by: DetectorCdunk
Date: September 26, 2015 10:34AM
Back when I was younger I did light a fart on fire because my mom had never seen it done before. I had flannel type pyjama pants on and well, it worked along with being half engulfed with a green flame one both thighs.

Re: Whats your funniest belly laughing true story?
Posted by: bigtim1973
Date: September 01, 2016 09:12AM
My dad was in the navy during ww2. After he got discharged he jumped on a bus to go to the train station and head home. While on the bus he noticed there was a drunk man up front. The next stop a large lady with a box of baby chickens got on the bus and set at the seat near the wheel well of the bus. She put the box of little chicks next to her on the aisle side of the seat. The bus turned a corner and the box slid off into the floor and baby chickens went everywhere. While several other passengers were trying to help her pick up the little chicks, she was bent over reaching for a little chick on the floor, the bus hit a large bump which caused her to get jarred a bit and the large lady let out a good fart. Everyone was quiet and then the drunk man spoke up and said "that's the way lady, if you can't catch them, just shoot them" Dad said the whole bus of people started laughing. True story.

Happy Hunting

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Re: Whats your funniest belly laughing true story?
Posted by: olfart
Date: May 25, 2017 08:55AM
Many years ago I was a court bailiff. During a pretrial hearing, the judge asked a man if he had contacted an attorney as the judge had instructed him to do. The man replied that he had. The judge asked which attorney he had contacted, and the man replied with, "I think his name was Widdersmacker, or Widdersnacker, or something like that." These were close approximations of the name of an attorney we all knew. The District Attorney tried to stifle a chuckle, the court clerk turned red and held her mouth, the District Clerk nearly choked, I was straining to keep a straight face, and the judge looked down at his paperwork. When he finally looked up, the whole courtroom burst into a belly laugh. Then the man looked startled and said, "What did I say?", which brought on another round of belly laughs.

Re: Whats your funniest belly laughing true story?
Posted by: kingingkunsan
Date: July 17, 2017 09:27AM
When I was 15 maybe 16 I did like my friend and took up smoking cigarettes. Not wise I know but the story is the funny part. I knew my mom would be furious if she found out. So I always hid the fact from her. When I would come home, she would say "you smell like smoke", I would say "well John (my friend) smokes and that is why". One day I had a hard pack of cigarettes on my dresser and my mom came into my room. She saw the pack of cigarettes and said "what is this" and I said "oh, nothing". She said "I thought you didn't smoke" and I said "I don't (I am a bad person for lying to my mother I know). So, she opened the box of cigarettes and inside was filled with condoms. I was a horny 15-16 year old what can I say? Without missing a beat my mom says "you are not supposed to smoke these". I laughed my butt off.

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