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Playing the blues...
Posted by: PABootymeister
Date: February 25, 2016 08:56PM
I've been playing the keyboard (piano) since I was 12, and have played in a few bands in the past. These days I just play in my own studio with a 24-track digital recorder at my disposal. I've done alot of my own music, none of which I consider really that good, but I still basically like what I do. My influences are straight blues, jazz, classic rock, progressive rock, soul, funk, and even some classical. Although I haven't played live in almost 10 years, I haven't stopped playing since I was 12 and have always had at least one keyboard (usually a professional one) at close hand. In fact, I even sold a Whites metal detector to buy a keyboard once! (Uht-ohhhh.....maybe I shouldn't have said that.)


Re: Playing the blues...
Posted by: bigtim1973
Date: September 01, 2016 08:19AM
Blues player here too. Like you I no longer play out. I still enjoy the guitar though and rip one off when I am at the house alone. I may drive the neighbors crazy sometimes but at least I am enjoying it!!

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