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Warthog Steve here, I'm over on Christian metal detectorists, and....
Posted by: warthog
Date: May 31, 2018 12:04PM
Being that this is the 'other hobbies' forum, is there anyone here, that does 'magnet fishing', in lakes or rivers??? I've just ordered me a nice disc neodymium magnet in a holder with a eyebolt on top, and 50 foot of parachord, from Amazon. Magnet is about 2-1/2 " in diameter, and with a 255bs. (!!) pull FIRST retrieval will be from a river that our road crosses over, about 1/4 mile from our house. I was down there last week and was watching the carp swimming thru, when I spotted a pair of sunglasses on the bottom: Someone leaned over da bridge, KERPLUNK!! went the shades.....There is no practical way to get in this river to detect. Besides, there are numerous BIIIIG snapping turtles in there, along with I would imagine leeches, and BIIIG black water snakes I've seen(Can you imagine one of them things swimming into your wet suit or shorts??):blink::(…...NO TELLING, what I may find, besides those sunglasses!!!

Re: Warthog Steve here, I'm over on Christian metal detectorists, and....
Posted by: hawgdawg
Date: August 13, 2018 10:18AM
Well , it's been a while since you've posted. How did your fishing trip turn out ? Me and a buddy tried it a few times. Got a couple of pocket knives and fishing lures. Was trying it one time at a boat ramp , was out on the end of the dock, every time we would get close to the dock the magnet would grab something. It kept pulling loose, but whatever it was , it was heavy , and the magnet would pull loose. Finally , we got a good lock on it , we were pulling so hard we thought we'd lose our magnets. We finally got it to start pulling up , the magnet got hooked on the item. When we finally got it up ,,,,it was a shopping cart.

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