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Re: Introduce Yourself....What Type Of Metal Detecting Do You Do With Purchasing A New ATX In Mind? :biggrin:
Posted by: atx uk
Date: September 18, 2018 02:45PM
Hi UK user here using the ATX inland Ive had the machine a few months now and starting to get to grips with it, i dig a fair amount of iron but i was expecting that, i can run it maxed out on most of my sites and its quiet as a mouse, pylon wires i have to knock sensitivity right back to 8 to keep it stable, overall i am impressed with the detector it likes hammered coins, its brought my fields back to life hoovering up what the E track Fisher 75 GMP Deus had left behind.

Re: Introduce Yourself....What Type Of Metal Detecting Do You Do With Purchasing A New ATX In Mind? :biggrin:
Posted by:
Date: February 28, 2019 05:42PM
In Victoria, Australia have motorhome and just starting out. No detector yet. Would like to make some contacts. I am retired already, old, but energetic and able.

Re: Introduce Yourself....What Type Of Metal Detecting Do You Do With Purchasing A New ATX In Mind? :biggrin:
Posted by: 1848cal
Date: March 26, 2019 06:55PM
Hello. Fascinated by the various recent relics, trade tokens and old coins his friend often showed him and kicking around the idea for a year or two my father took the leap and purchased The Garrett BFO. It was 1980 and the hobby of metal detecting was, by most accounts, in its infancy, and as a young child I was thrilled to go with dad when he went detecting and even made him come to my school for show and tell. Needless to say my classmates and teachers were very attentive to his stories and showed great admiration to the treasures he brought with him that day and it was only a matter of time that a new and improved detector was purchased and ultimately leading to one of my own, fore I too would become prolific to the nuances of what the metal detector was saying and prolific in the local history along with its anecdotal accounts of social gatherings, forgotten baseball diamonds, once thriving swimming holes and the educational movement of the 1920’s called The Chautauqua. All of these locations held bountiful amounts of silver coins, Indian head pennies, Buffalo nickels, foreign coinage, jewelry, merchant trade tokens and everything else one can imagine and as I grew older I took the role as the fact finder and permissionist that put us on some unbelievable property and in doing so a loving rivalry blossomed which solidified our friendship between my dad and I. I will never forget those days especially now that my dad has passed away. I now have hundreds of acres, a plethora of permanent permissions and countless secret locations yet to detect which brings me to The Garrett ATX. After years of my due diligence, unwavering tenacity and dumb luck I purchased a 40 acre mining claim smack dab in the middle of one the richest placer and load gold regions on this planet. My claim is surrounded by two of the most massive and productive hydraulic mines to have ever existed with various smaller ones abound hence my need of a powerful weapon in my quiver. Like my father I too pondered for a couple of years and took a leap of faith myself, but this time it was Pulse Induction and as luck may have it, the Garrett AXT had been born and already had a few years of true field tested results and plenty of feedback, both pro and con. With that being said it wasn’t a difficult choice and the moment I turned it on amongst the hot rocks that plagued my VLF, I was convinced solid when the ATX went silent after ground balancing and pinged on its first target which was a 1888 Indian head cent, and it was then I knew a had a loyal friend.

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