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My very first find!
Posted by: Stitcher71
Date: February 21, 2016 06:18PM
Hello all! Well, I'm finally in Florida and was finally able to take "The Beast" out and play with it for the first time. Of course I waited until almost dark to do it! Duh! So, I take it out at my brother's house. Get the arm extended and find a comfortable height. Preformed a frequency scan and then a ground balance. Damn thing is loud...even after turning the volume down. I start just swinging it around and pick up a few signals. I was close to the house so I moved further away and started a little search pattern. Low-high, low-high...hmmm so I did my best to pin brother had thrown a penny on nun front of me and I didn't know it. Penny found! So I continued...high-low, high-low...hmmm...nothing had been thrown this time. So I dig and I scan and I dig and I scan and I dig. Finally I get the pin of beer out and dig some more. Poof! I find my first buried treasure!! A 1964 nickel about 6" down! I know I know, no big deal. But for some one who's bever even held a metal detector, it was exciting!

Re: My very first find!
Posted by: John-Edmonton
Date: February 22, 2016 10:38PM is a big deal! Your first real coin, 51 years old. Hope it's the first of many good finds. :thumbup:

Re: My very first find!
Posted by: kreagerm
Date: February 25, 2016 06:33AM
Great detector for your first!!! Congrats on your first find, welcome to the addiction!

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