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Does anyone use the ATX for Relics?
Posted by: Diggerinva
Date: September 05, 2016 08:11AM
I am looking to buy a new PI machine for relic hunting here in Virginia.....Really like the ATX from the research I have done. Just wondering what I will be giving up with the ATX versus the GPX4800 or 5000? I can handle a small amount of depth loss if it is minimal since the price of the Minelabs is so much higher. Also, has anyone heard anything lately about the new coils for the ATX? When are they going to be available and how much better are they? Really like to find some guys who have used the ATX near Culpeper, VA or in any hot soils for relic deep are you finding Minnie balls at? Thanks a lot!

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Posted by: John-Edmonton
Date: September 05, 2016 11:04AM,1970108,1970108#msg-1970108,1997069,1997069#msg-1997069

ATX vs GPX 4800/5000?
Posted by: Greg (E.Tn)
Date: September 15, 2016 09:01PM
Depending on who you talk to, the ATX compares nicely with the two minelabs.

Yes I have used it at a couple DIV hunts and .....
Posted by: TNreb
Date: October 23, 2016 08:20AM
I have used the ATX at a couple DIV hunts in Virginia. It has it advantages and disadvantages. I was using the Whites TDI for several hunts and borrowed an ATX last year. The thing that I really liked over the TDI was that bullets and buttons are same tone. On the TDI buttons are high tones and bullets low tone. On the ATX both give a high/low tone. Only iron and trash will ring low/high so unless you are looking for pits you will be ok just digging the high/low tones. You also may want to dig those iffy signals because several relics are iron like bayonets, cleaning tools and much more. It also is 100% waterproof which is a hug plus. No more bagging your machine if caught in bad weather and I have been caught many times at DIV when a rain or snow storm hits and you are a long ways from your vehicle. The only disadvantage that I can think of is the weight. It is a heavy machine and will wear you out by the end of the day. I took a lot of breaks. Sure the GPX's are a little deeper but the ATX will do just fine. I am buying my buddy's ATX at the end of this next hunt. I borrowed an ATX and took it to Myrtle Beach in August. Man that thing will pick up some deep stuff at the beach. Best advice I can give is that I have used one and I did find a lot of bullets and buttons at DIV. I guess the choice is really up to you. Both ATX and GPX are excellent machines for relic hunting. Check out my video that was made with Steve Moore of Garrett USA and Warren Mcgrath of Garrett Australia and my buddy Sham at our site in Tennessee. This site is extremely hot ground. Hotter than in Virginia. VLF machines will not work here. You can hear the tone Warren got on the button he found.

Re: Does anyone use the ATX for Relics?
Posted by: Desert Detective
Date: October 24, 2016 09:13PM
I bought the ATX for Relic Hunting. I hunt in non-gold bearing desert where there is a pretty good history of Native American, American and Mormon Pioneer travlers and settlers as well as some old Spanish activity as well. The ground is medium to very high mineralization. Unfortunately, there is alot of modern trash and flood sediment in my area as well. I just bought the ATX and have little experience but I bought it to primarily Relic Hunt along with some Nugget Shooting and Water Hunting as well. I am so glad I bought the ATX and it's a very powerful machine! NO REGRETS!!!

KNOWN AS: Desert Detective. METAL DETECTORS: Garrett ATX w/Deepseeker, Garrett AT Gold, Teknetics T2 SE. GEAR: Hermit 34 Pick, Predator Tools Pearl Pick, Piranha Shovel Little Eagle Shovel, and the Original Side Digger, Garmin 64st Deep Canyon, GoPro Hero4 Silver and Pretty Much a Ton of Crevicing Picks, Tools and Hammers. TYPE OF DETECTING: Desert Detecting; Relics, Nuggets AND occasionally Coins HUNTING LOCATION TYPES: Desert, Wagon Trails, Lost Treasures, Gold Fields, Ghost Towns, Homesteads, Camp Grounds, Beach, Lakes, Rivers, Washes and occasionally Parks. EXPERIENCE: 1 Year.

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