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garrett atx or some one else?
Posted by: marketarea
Date: September 18, 2016 04:57AM
Hello, I'm from Ukraine.
I want to buy a metal detector to search for ancient coins, relics and so on, the search will take place on forests, fields, rivers and lakes, the sea.

I pick up the metal detector with good depth of detection.
Please tell me how much suited the purposes of the garrett atx me?

Currently rassmmatrivayu two options:
garrett atx or minelab ctx 3030

Thank you.

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Re: Garrett atx or some one else?
Posted by: WaterWalker
Date: September 18, 2016 07:08AM
Both are great detectors, but are very different. The ATX is a Pulse Induction and the CTX3030 is a FBS (full band spectrum - VLF (multi - Very Low Frequency) detector. Each has it's strong points.

I personally use the ATX for water hunting in salt water. I detect in water 99% of the time.

The CTX3030 has many more "features" such as a GPS tracker that I would never use and some of these could make learning the detector a bit more intensive. The wireless headphones do not keep a connection when the control box is place under water. What I do like is the versatility of "programing" the detector for a specific type of detecting I would be doing. Two updated features I like are the better battery pack gasket and Li-Ion batteries. The ATX has Ni-MH. Both are rechargeable, but the Li-Ion have a longer running time than the Ni-MH
If I had to choose one, looking for articles on land and sea like you stated. I would have to choose the CTX3030 mainly due to the weight of the detector. The ATX weighs 3.31kgm and the CTX3030 weighs 2.36Kgm. I have to use the Minelab ProSwing 45 vest if I use the ATX on land for more than about 30 minutes. I may have to use it with the CTX3030 also, but I have never detected with a CTX3030.

There are several youtube videos comparing the ATX and the CTX3030, PI vs VLF. Keep in mind that the videos are one person's opinion and they might not have the detector set at the best operating point of one of the detectors they are using in that given situation. When you search, search for ATX vs CTX3030 detectors, PI vs VLF detectors.

The manufacturer's websites have full specifications on each detector. Each has a full specification sheet that you can compare specifications. They also have their

At the end it will be your choice, and you are on the right track for getting all in information you can before purchasing something that you want to enjoy using. Like I have said, they area both great detectors, but for different reasons. Let us know which you choose and then your success in pursuing you hobby.

Re: garrett atx or some one else?
Posted by: Desert Detective
Date: September 25, 2016 10:10PM
I just bought the Garrett ATX Deepseeker and was also considering the CTX as well as a Deus... In the end I chose the ATX because I also have a Teknetics T2 SE and felt that this duo offered me the greatest diversification of strengths and options that also best suited the type of hunting I do... Mostly Desert Relic Detecting and Nugget Shooting and want to do some beach hunting too. So if you already have a detector or detectors, and this next purchase will be an addition... You may want to consider that and add the detector that enhances your overall capabilities instead of thinking in terms of which single detector is most capable.

KNOWN AS: Desert Detective. METAL DETECTORS: Garrett ATX w/Deepseeker, Garrett AT Gold, Teknetics T2 SE. GEAR: Hermit 34 Pick, Predator Tools Pearl Pick, Piranha Shovel Little Eagle Shovel, and the Original Side Digger, Garmin 64st Deep Canyon, GoPro Hero4 Silver and Pretty Much a Ton of Crevicing Picks, Tools and Hammers. TYPE OF DETECTING: Desert Detecting; Relics, Nuggets AND occasionally Coins HUNTING LOCATION TYPES: Desert, Wagon Trails, Lost Treasures, Gold Fields, Ghost Towns, Homesteads, Camp Grounds, Beach, Lakes, Rivers, Washes and occasionally Parks. EXPERIENCE: 1 Year.

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