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Lake Very Alkaline :rant: VLF Struggles, But ATX Cuts Through The Sand Like Butter! :wiggle:
Posted by: John-Edmonton
Date: September 30, 2016 12:29AM

Just a fantastic day! Wore my chest waders for most of the hunt. Got ring #40 for this year. Got some clad and a silver ring.

This lake is so weird, it eats copper. It's very alkaline. The coil and scoop were covered with a white coating after they dried. Here you can see what a penny looks like from the lake. It comes out covered with a black slag, and the penny is nearly as thin as paper.

Here are the finds of the day. Some of the coins had to be heated with a torch and quenched in a pickle solution to get the difficult oxides off.

On my back to the car, I nearly stepped on this garter snake. I was surprised that he was still out and about. It's betting below freezing at night and he should be hibernating.

Here is my prize for the day. A silver ring, #40 for this year. I was getting a little worried that I might not get another one this year.

Heck, a few coins, a ring, great out doors, great fall colors, fresh air, good nights sleep......what else does one really need to be happy. :)

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