NEW Garrett ATX Metal Detector

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It's Coming Soon :detecting:
Posted by: John-Edmonton
Date: November 03, 2016 09:33AM
A close up pic of the wireless system designed specifically by :garrett: for metal detectors, 5 x faster then Bluetooth.

Re: It's Coming Soon :detecting:
Posted by: Desert Detective
Date: November 06, 2016 01:20PM
For headphones I assume. Reducing cords is always a good thing. Having said that, I am not so confident in what Garrett considers to be "soon" LOL... With everything they do great, going fast from concept to reality is not one of them.

KNOWN AS: Desert Detective. METAL DETECTORS: Garrett ATX w/Deepseeker, Garrett AT Gold, Teknetics T2 SE. GEAR: Hermit 34 Pick, Predator Tools Pearl Pick, Piranha Shovel Little Eagle Shovel, and the Original Side Digger, Garmin 64st Deep Canyon, GoPro Hero4 Silver and Pretty Much a Ton of Crevicing Picks, Tools and Hammers. TYPE OF DETECTING: Desert Detecting; Relics, Nuggets AND occasionally Coins HUNTING LOCATION TYPES: Desert, Wagon Trails, Lost Treasures, Gold Fields, Ghost Towns, Homesteads, Camp Grounds, Beach, Lakes, Rivers, Washes and occasionally Parks. EXPERIENCE: 1 Year.

Re: It's Coming Soon :detecting:
Posted by: beav
Date: November 07, 2016 07:01AM
I agree DD.
I think when Garrett said the new improved coils for the ATX would be available Mid-2016, they meant Mid-2017! (If we're lucky)


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