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Got Gold Coin # 23 This Weekend.:super:
Posted by: John-Edmonton
Date: November 07, 2016 11:33PM
Every year since I started metal detecting, I bought a gold coin. It was a collection in itself. I used to roll all my pennies (which a lot of hunters didn't bother to pick up) and then purchase a nice gold coin. Gold was a lot less an ounce 20+ years ago. In 2011, it sky-rocketed in price, so I no longer could purchase a gold coin, only with pennies. I had to use up my pennies, nickles, dimes and some quarters to buy a gold coin, costing $100.00+. Back when I started metal detecting, I could get a decent gold coin for around $40-60 dollars. But that was then, and this is now. The coin shown from Turkey below cost me $110.00. It sells on Ebay for about $180.00, so I did well.

Last year, at the coin show, I purchased a gold coin, but also won a gold coin as a door price. Through the years, I also bought miniature (replicas) gold coins. They average about 0.5 g in weight and can be purchased for around 20-40 dollars and the gold content may vary. And, at one time Roman coins and hammered ones from Europe were quite cheap, so I also purchased many of those too.

So, for the many who metal detect, and are not fortunate enough to have old war sites, old history or even any silver coins where you live, consider investing your clad in some nice gold coins.With a little luck, you will have your collection increase in value over the years......

"What a great hobby it is!"

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