NEW Garrett ATX Metal Detector

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Garrett ATX Metal Detector.
Posted by: Ozleif
Date: December 06, 2016 11:04PM
I got my ATX in November of 2013 and it's out of warranty.

For that reason I do not consider the ATX to be "NEW" anymore and think it have now earned it's place to correctly be known as "Garrett ATX Metal Detector"

Re: Garrett ATX Metal Detector.
Posted by: WaterWalker
Date: December 07, 2016 02:56AM
My ATX is as old as yours, but after so many hours in and finds from salt water I sent mine into Garrett for a checkup/overhaul. When it was returned it is like new, even down to the rusty color of the speaker panel screws. But best of all its performance seems to have improved, maybe it needed a tweak or internal mod that Garrett did while they had it. That's why I am a Garrett swinger...their after purchase service is superior to all other manufacturers I have dealt with, and I own 11 different detectors. Garrett has kept my ATX, ATPro and Infinium in top notch condition in super fast turn-around and at a very reasonable cost when they need a loving technical touch I can not give them.

But I have to say the ATX is Garrett's NEWEST detector in their PI lineup. I think they will have to go some to replace it. Perhaps underwater wireless headphones, a more conventional shaft / camlock setup. and less costly coils with a center mounting shaft. But what an improvement in operation the ATX is over Garrett's OLD PI, the Infinium LS. If their next "NEW" is as great an improvement that the ATX is over the Infinium...I can put up with "NEW" until something NEWER comes along.

Also if John wants to change the Forum's heading...I can live with that also.

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