NEW Garrett ATX Metal Detector

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Brand New
Posted by: seprock
Date: December 22, 2016 03:01PM
I just started with the hobby, and I am thrilled! I have gone out a few times for short periods at a time. I have found a grand total of 31 cents, a modern bullet, and some trash. Not discouraged at all, I am just learning how to use my AT pro. If anyone could give me some pointers, I could really use them. So far my only struggle is finding places to hunt. I am looking forward to learning from all of you!


Re: Brand New
Posted by: Dancer
Date: December 24, 2016 05:41AM
You will find a lot of help over on the AT Pro forum. Best tip I can give you. Learn your machine. Good way to start ? Toss out a handful of coins over a area. Hunt them all down. Listen to your machine. Than start finding legal places to hunt. Dig as discreet a hole as possible. Hunt when no one or few around. Be stealthy, be clean and leave no trace. After a couple thousand coins you will begin to understand that machine, and it's a good one.


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