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Long overdue for an update to friends!
Posted by: dmnz
Date: January 28, 2018 01:27AM
Hi All

Have not posted for quite some time, mainly due to work commitments unfortunately.....

Just returned from a three week trip to Honolulu :) Well, mainly Waikiki :)

Took along the ATX, CTX, Excal and Dual Field, and gave them all a good work out on Waikiki Beach (in the water only) - could not be bothered too much with the dry sand! Met several local detectorists - including one REALLY nice guy that made his own "Blade PI" based on the DF schematics. It is a very popular destination for our hobby! I really had to laugh at one guy, basically on the beach detecting 'over' peoples towels - wow, that is a bit much!:detecting:

(funny story there, was sitting down having lunch with family and quietly observing! he was using a DF, pulse machine. Quietly turned on the ATX and left it in the sand under my towel, needless to say, for a good 12 feet around me, he made a near perfect circle, he could not see my machine!) It was kind of fun (and probably a bit mean) seeing him fiddle over and over again with the detector controls trying to tune out that 'weird pulsing'. Turns out, a very good use for the ATX and 8 inch coil!

Needless to say, it was super busy (and a super expensive destination compared to our country and my normal detecting spots).

Damn those 1c pieces & hairpins! I pity the hotels washing machine with those beach quarters. Best not to stay in the Illikai or Banyon for a while!

Detected most days (or nights), when I could get away from other activities with family. I must say it is an awesome spot to detect, but very hard work! The sand seems to have all been replenished? Murky water, unclear and generally quite hard to detect. Generally I came to the conclusion the ATX or DF are the right choice for this beach. Very few targets and the replenished sand was super, SUPER deep!

Came away with maybe ten rings or so (4 decent gold or platinum (and two other gold pieces)) - tried to find the odd owner on Facebook to no avail (only one engraved). Three cellphones (latest Samsung S8 plus, the nice waterproof cellphone, met a 'sudden death' with my scoop (murky water), as did the Japanese iPhone 7. The latest model Sony phone pretty much survived, have not been able to trace the owner in Japan!

Three pairs of new RayBans (all basically identical!). One pair also, unfortunately sudden 'death by scoop'. Damn those things are like $200USD each in the Duty Free! The CTX was great at finding RayBans! 12:02.

Leaving the best to last! One beautiful diamond ring, it thought it was fake! Took to a local jewellery shop (actually 2) as it was not hallmarked. Was super deep, found with the ATX a long way out from shore. Totally 'random' find and there for a long time. I am guessing the main diamond is slightly less than 1CT, but there plenty of other smaller ones. Turns out it is a very 'clear' diamond ring. and.....

And the main find seems to pay for the trip......


Happy to give any tips on Waikiki!

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Re: Long overdue for an update to friends!
Posted by: WaterWalker
Date: January 28, 2018 07:25AM
Glad to see you back and in great spirits.
Back in the early 80's the penny tosser was on Waikiki. I tracked down 49 in one straight line, never found the 50th.
Hope you made it to Lenard's Bakery, the best malasadas!
Not much up here in the NE for this old guy, cold, wind, rain, bad time for tides, hot coffee at home have kept me inside since Christmas.
Hard to detect in conditions like this:
(No Garrett Gals sunbathing here)

Re: Long overdue for an update to friends!
Posted by: dmnz
Date: January 28, 2018 12:48PM
Wow - that looks cold! Best to book a trip to Waikiki :). Long flight from here 8 1/2 hours......but overall, on paper the finds paid for our trip ;). To be honest,I expected more people in the water detecting....

Re: Long overdue for an update to friends!
Posted by: beav
Date: January 29, 2018 06:09AM
Thanks for posting your great find with the ATX. Looking forward to more posts of your finds with it.


Re: Long overdue for an update to friends!
Posted by: John-Edmonton
Date: January 29, 2018 09:28AM
You did well. I have heard many times that the the hunters there are quite aggressive! They really push the limits with people lying on the beach. Congrats on all those rings! :thumbup:

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