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8 inch mono disection!
Posted by: dmnz
Date: February 01, 2018 01:16AM
Hi Guys

I had a faulty 8 inch mono coil - it looked 'perfect' but constantly falses. Cutting the coil wiring, and rewiring made zero, decided to dissect the coil!

Well, actually using a hammer!

It turns out the coil really cannot be 'repaired'. Seems there are two distinct layers of epoxy, looking from the bottom of the coil, at the black epoxy, there is an initial 'thin' layer of epoxy, maybe 3mm think. removing this, there is the BLACK screen wire.

***I would guess, a falsing or noisy 8 inch coil, could be caused by a loose screen wire - maybe removing this layer and redoing the screen connector MAY have fixed the coil...***

Digging deeper, there is a much thicker layer of epoxy, and two separate coil windings, TX and RX, there is a POT for adjustment/tune and unfortunately a small circa 1-inch square circuit board that CANNOT be repaired, removing the epoxy destroys all of the surface mounted components.

Just thought it was nice to give others a 'heads up'.

If a frayed coil leaks, I guess it is a "potential" for water to track down the cable to the circuit board, but, it does seem pretty well 'potted in'.

If my new 8 inch coil ever breaks, my first point of call, aside from trying the cable replacement, would be the lower epoxy layer and attempted screen repair...

Re: 8 inch mono disection!
Posted by: dmnz
Date: February 01, 2018 01:21AM
If anyone has the similar info for the stock coil, please let me know. I would imagine the stock coil can be modeled, so we can 'make our own' - I think it lacks any form of circuit board (unlike the 8 inch coil). This would explain the ability to use Infinium DD coils only.

Am hoping to make my own DD coil for the ATX and to lighten the machine for water use.

Re: 8 inch mono disection!
Posted by: beav
Date: February 01, 2018 06:25AM
Great post dmnz!
Too bad you didn't snap any pics of the dissection...

I have access to an X-RAY machine and I may someday soon X-RAY the stock DD coil as I don't have the 8" mono.


Re: 8 inch mono disection!
Posted by: dmnz
Date: February 01, 2018 12:11PM
Have some pics, will upload shortly

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