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Re: Real Bad Interference
Posted by: Dancer
Date: March 16, 2018 07:43AM
okara gold
I have an Infinium that is over 10 years old. It has the original coil and wire. The wire has been exposed to the elements of salt and fresh water hunting and desert nugget hunting. I've
never had a problem with it wearing and cracking. Now the "bullet proof" ATX with completely enclosed coil wire is a mess. I don't understand. :stars:

Okara, got my Infinium in 2014. Already there were some (warnings) about the Atx. Mostly weight. Had the chance to hold both the Inferno & Atx at a store. I was only 65 at the time and it was too heavy then. So got the 14" & 8" mono coils, and never looked back. Although the sites I hunt run from decent to crap the Infinium with its two tones done well for me. Along with the satisfaction of dependability. I wonder how many Atx's are being sold today?
I'm not trying to trash the Atx. Like many, just disappointed the advanced technology isn't sitting on a dependable , lighter shaft.

Re: Real Bad Interference
Posted by: okara gold
Date: March 16, 2018 04:53PM
That sounds like a good summation of what is going on. I know the cable was not twisted again and again or constantly rubbing against the shaft as what someone might think would cause this. So perhaps a chemical interaction is the culprit.

Re: Real Bad Interference
Posted by: SoCalBeachScanner
Date: March 18, 2018 10:35AM
Haven't said anything on this forum for a long, long time.

I purchased one of the first ATX machines. Have many threads on Find's about ALL the problems from day one with the ATX.

Sold my ATX a couple years ago after Garrett replaced my original coil that started falsing due to the cable wire.

With that said....The components IN the machine are the best by far.

If Garrett didn't cheap out by using the Recon Pro design and installed the components in an updated light weight design with the option of a fixed or collapsible shaft, they would have had a winner.

The MAIN problem I have with all that was said on this Forum is that Garrett Engineers never ever chimed in to explain themselves why they did what they did. Or interacted with forum users about all the problems.
And to this day have not corrected any design or defective design problems with the machine.

With all the critical feedback on this forum about the ATX from day one, Garrett Engineering missed an opportunity to interact with it's customers to help make a better machine.

The ATX may have permanently damaged Garrett reputation as a premier PI Machine manufacturer. This forum sure has died.

First I got Hooked on Metal Detecting ... Now I'm Addicted to Precious Metals.

Re: Real Bad Interference
Posted by: atx uk
Date: September 18, 2018 03:20PM
The coil wire screw comes loose and causes noise you need to check it every few outings/when the machine is not running as it should.

Re: Real Bad Interference
Posted by: Argyll
Date: October 22, 2018 02:49PM
Same here as pictures all the way up and down the coil wire exposed.I separated the shaft to expose the coil apart from the narrow part of the shaft onto the head connection.I used insulation tape as far down as I could go stretching the coil wire as i taped it.The narrow part that connects to the head i pumped silicon sealant into this via a 8mm tube into the head shaft.Only down side to doing this is that the shaft wont fold down so small because the sealant hardened about 5 inches into the tube going to the coil plus the extra tape takes up space.I guess I could use shrink wrap tape on it might change it later.This reduced the false signals I was getting but still getting a false signal from the head when wet if it touch`s a blade of wet grass.On closer looking i see micro cracks in the coil resin so I m waiting for some epoxy clear glue to seal it as I think water is probably getting/got into the coil .If its not that there must be another split somewhere in the wire which will mean splitting the whole thing apart and buying a new coil which is £500 in the UK just now.The machine works fine with my 20" deepseeker on it(just now). C`mon Garrett fix needed for this great bit of kit.

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