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Long Beach California Fossils? Help Identify Please
Posted by: ossean
Date: May 19, 2015 10:26PM
Hi All
I am in Long Beach California and while digging in my yard I came across 3 interesting Rocks . I have no idea of what they are and would appreciate it if you can help me identify them all. They just look like something other than a rock . I live close to the beach and this particular house I am in has been here perhaps before 1942. I tried to redo the photos and I hope they are clear enough to identify them. The Rock with the many holes in it seems to have shining crystals ? The Snail Rock seems to have several included all in one and the smaller rock has snails? With red various colors in it. Someone said to me that the Rocks could be possible fossils. All opinions helps


Re: Long Beach California Fossils? Help Identify Please
Posted by: Inyo
Date: May 20, 2015 09:20AM
Only specimen at lower left resembles a genuine fossil; has coral-like aspects, but I doubt it's of true coelenterate affinity. The remaining photographs depict igneous or weathered metamorphic rocks--they are non-biological in origin. Not fossils.

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