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My New Page: "Early Cambrian Fossils Of Westgard Pass, California"
Posted by: Inyo
Date: June 06, 2015 06:02PM
Recently, I uploaded my new paleontology-related web page, called "Early Cambrian Fossils Of Westgard Pass, California"--all about a classic, world-famous geologic section several miles east of Big Pine (a community in California's Owens Valley, situated at the base of the Sierra Nevada's eastern front), where there occurs one of the better places on the planet to study invertebrate animals from what earth scientists call the Cambrian Explosion of approximately 535 to 510 million years ago, when there mysteriously developed a sudden, geologically rapid radiation of biological diversification.

Paleontologic specimens identified from the Westgard Pass area include: numerous species of Olenellid trilobites; Helioplacus and Eocystites echinoderms; brachiopods; hyolithids (an extinct variety of mollusk); annelid and arthropod tracks and trails (ichnofossils); and the enigmatic archaeocyathid; indeed, California's Westgard Pass region remains one of the best localities in the world to find archaeocyathids.

Includes detailed text, plus photographs of fossils and on-site images, as well.
Early Cambrian Fossils Of Westgard Pass, California

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