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Field Trip To Fossils In The Tin Mountain Limestone (Death Valley Area)
Posted by: Inyo
Date: May 17, 2017 10:15AM
Rather recently, I uploaded a new page, In Search Of Fossils In The Tin Mountain Limestone, California. Includes detailed text, on-site images, and photographs of fossils.

It's a field trip to three accessible sites in the highly fossiliferous Lower Mississippian Tin Mountain Limestone (358.9 to 350 million years old)--western Great Basin Desert of eastern California (Death Valley area)--a mid Paleozoic Era geologic rock unit that contains quite an assortment of excellently preserved invertebrate animal material--brachiopods, bryozoans, conodonts, corals, crinoids, mollusks (gastropods, pelecypods, and cephalopodic ammonoids), ostracods, and trilobites.

Two of the localities occur in Death Valley National Park, California (keep all that you find there only in a camera, of course), while a third resides on Bureau of Land Management (BLM)-administered public lands where hobby collecting of reasonable amounts of common invertebrate fossils is allowed.

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