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Help to ID
Posted by: MatGW
Date: May 04, 2016 05:40PM
Hi, I've found this in plowed field in Italy with the metal detector,

I am new to metal detecting

I don't understand if it is a rock

Can you help me to identify it?

Thanks in advice

Re: Help to ID
Posted by: Champ Ferguson
Date: May 10, 2016 12:32PM
Hi and Welcome to the Forums. Its very hard to ID any specimen with just pictures. Its probably best if you could take it to a local rockhound/geology club or even a nearby university geology department for examination. If you want us to take a stab at it tho, here's some things that would help:
- what did your metal detector read
- how soft/hard is it (what will scratch it, or what will it scratch)
- in what environment was it found (is the field in the lowland floodplains, in the mtns, etc...
- what were the nearby rocks (if any)
- I am assuming it is fairly dense/heavy for its size

My first impression is that it is some manmade metal slag, probably lead(easily tested via hardness). But I really need more info to go on.

Re: Help to ID
Posted by: Champ Ferguson
Date: May 11, 2016 12:25PM
An additional thought. If it is slag or something similar, you could have an old relic as well. Maybe a local detecting or history club/organization could help you.

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