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Search results

  1. L

    Short fourth of july hunt

    Got out before it got too hot.
  2. L

    Another single silver day

    Got to another spot. Found silver the first ten min. I was there.searched the whole lot. Found nothing else but clad.
  3. L

    Short permission hunt

    Got out to a permission to hunt before it got hot. Rescued one silver
  4. L

    Seeded hunt with a celebrity

    Went to a seeded hunt yesterday. Met a lot of great people including kG from the diggers tv show. Had a great time but was miserably hot. Here are my finds from the hunt. The picture is kg
  5. L

    using maps with Township,Range,and section and Google Earth to find old schools,churches,spots

    Ok,you have an old map that shows an old school site you want to find. The map shows Township 50 North,Range 9 West.The school is in the bottom right corner of section 2. so how do we find that spot on Google earth? we now go to Earth point at this link
  6. L

  7. L

    How do you find your places?

    Ok,you have an old plat map that shows old churches,schools, are you going to find them on google earth?
  8. L

    What type of maps do you use?

    What maps are you using to find your hunting spots?
  9. L

    Short morning hunt

    Short hunt was fun. Even got silver
  10. L

    Anyone using the nel storm coil?

    Looking for depth,sensitivity to small targets.
  11. L

    Indian Head pennies by the Quart .......:sadwalk:

    A guy my wife works with was telling her that when he was a kid, His Grandmother gave him and his two brothers all a quart jar full of indian head pennies. He said they didn't think anything of them then and they played with them in the yard. He said there should be three quarts of indian heads...
  12. L

    Logan county,Oklahoma Old Homestead

    I am sure this one will require permission.
  13. L

    Madison County,Arkansas-Old Burks Church

    MAybe a spot for someone close,Burks Church. I do not know if it is on private property or not.
  14. L

    Google earth KMZ KML files

    We can now post them in the maps forum, i put a couple in there for anyone not familiar with to try out. LabradorBob
  15. L

    Google earth KMZ-KML files

    We are now able to post Google earth files in the .kmz,kml format if anyone is interested. do you know what these can do? You must have google earth installed on your computer,click open on the file,then click open in the box that pops up. Then double click the little file that opens,then click...
  16. L

    Easy way to get places from google maps to GPS

    Open google Maps! Connect your GPS to PC via usb. On Google Maps zoom in to a place you want to go to. Right click on your destination and choose whats here,once you do that it puts a little marker there. Now,left click on the little marker and drag the little scroll bar down till you see some...
  17. L

    Ghost Places

  18. L

    How many would like to see ghost schools :bouncy:

    If so give the State,county, and township if you know it! also, please state either public or private. if you do not state which, i will post it on the Forum. Public is on the Forum,private will be an e-mail so i will need your e mail address. This is so i can send pics to you. Thanks, LabradorBob
  19. L

    More 12-02 Gold Today

    Went to an old school,it is still being used today,and i hadn't hunted there in a while. hit the wood chips by a bunch of play equiptment. came up with a bunch of clad and this little bracelet,14K Registered 12-02 Gonna be a good year. LabradorBob