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    Interesting Links

  2. M

    Interesting Links

    AMEN! God's Holy Spirit says, DO NOT be DUPED by satan, his demonic spirits--TROLL & his ILKS' LIES & read my encouraging message posted in the Christian Meral Detecting Forum! There is PURE EVIL in this world BUT by leaning on & trusting in Jesus we will win & overcome satan's & all EVIL...
  3. M

    Much time to think with Virus shut down.

    AND this we true believers in Christ Jesus can rely on: God is alive & still on His throne reigning Supreme over ALL CREATION that He Himself MADE!! He never loses nor fails although ole slewfoot the Evil Serpent, Lucifer, the Lying devil, makes it look like we Christians are losing! BUT...
  4. M

    Biden's Fumbling

    I think most DEMS have come to the realization Killery is a lost cause as far as being president or VP--But SHE will be involved in a big way as a member of THE DEEP STATE but I pray, hopefully, that she will FACE Death being a Treasonist along with Obama & Billy Boy or long life sentences...
  5. M

    777 so far.....

    What a witch and a NUT or Fruit Cake --I pray for peace for those in NY who have MINDS, & USE them with Common Sense--Ocasio loves being in the LIME-Light & doesn't matter to her how she gets it--Just so she is noticed----The same as Killery, Obama & Insane PoLosi & MANY OTHER SOCIALIST DEMS...
  6. M

    The blessed Hope Or the Rapture of the church

    AMEN & AMEN, BRO BILL! Whether we are ready or not to go with Him, Jesus is coming back to catch away God's faiful saints & obedient children! Jesus is coming soon whether it be morning, night or noon!! :please: UNBELIEVERS will be LEFT BEHIND! :surrender: or :cry: Jesus LOVES you! Just...
  7. M

    One last hunt with my brother......

    Sorry Dan-MO about your losses of both brother & cousin! I still miss my bothers --One left us in 2007 & the other in 2009. Thanks for telling about the fond memories of your brother--So sad but HEART-WARMING! Placing the Shot Gun shells with him is the perfect ending for you & more...
  8. M

    Herman Cain passed away!

    I liked Herman Cain who was a very good man of God & Republican on the RIGHT SIDE of the political spectrum for his party & his own race by encouraging Trump & our USA Citizens! Prayers for Jesus' Comfort & Peace for his loved ones & friends! May he RIP!! I liked reading his articles & his...
  9. M

    150,000 PLUS DEAD!

    TRUE--If they aren't following their leader, Jesus, our Good Shepherd, then they are DUMB sheep hearing & following the WRONG VOICE, satan! For God says, My Sheep know My voice & will follow & obey Me! His VOICE of LOVE speaks His Gospel Light of TRUTH! Love for wedded couples says, Love...
  10. M

    Cashless society ?????

    All are biased & preventing the truth to be posted or published--Google, U-Tube (Some) FB, Twitter & etc & DEMS LIE through their teeth but their punishment is coming when God casts them into The Lake of Fire on His final Judgment Day, Who knows the Eilness that is in theit hearts & the EVIL &...
  11. M

    Change shortage

    It is almost unbelievable the DOLLAR amount of coins Society loses & wouldn't be found & placed back into circulation without those using metal detectors --- even the finding of caches hidden by folks saving for a rainy day, especially after the 1928 Crash--People lost money in banks that...
  12. M

    Thank you again, Mike, me son!

    I'm alive & still having birthdays[ so yes it was & is a Happy One in the Lord! Ma
  13. M

    150,000 PLUS DEAD!

    Sorry Dan--I was visiting my ENT DR, today, & I'm really TIRED (they wear me out--just to get ready & go with my daughter, Susan) & I should have addressed Jim, tn! Neither did wrong but Bible says Sheep on the Right & Goats on the Left --Troll is a GOAT leading into hell while God's SHEEP...
  14. M

    150,000 PLUS DEAD!

    A REMINDER you may be destined for death & hell, quickly, old Billy Goat TROLL--where there is everlasting pain for you & your kind! Better repent & quit the Murderering DEM Party while you've still time! Ma Betty
  15. M

    Thank you again, Mike, me son!

    Rec my present, today, & appreciate your gift & thoughtfulness--haven't opened pkg as yet--too tired to wrestle with opening it right now! Saw an Ear, Nose & Throat DR today & he prescribed ear drops, nose spray & gave me a spray bottle with packet of saline solution or I can use the recipe...
  16. M

    Cashless society ?????

    From what I've read & understand-- Businesses like Walmart are not giving correct change but are rounding off to nearest dollar amount & therefore no change--they say change is scarce & the Banks are glad to get your washed off dug up dirt coins! What some are doing is taking the dollar amount...
  17. M

    MARS Launch today. What it means. Could we be the Martians ?

    One reason for settlement on MARS or another planet could be The Socialists & evil spirits taking over to where godly PPL will want to leave this very EVIL PLanet or because of WARS destroying everything when fighting good vs. evil! No good nation to escape to now for only America is left &...
  18. M

    150,000 PLUS DEAD!

    I agree & pray so because the DEMS & FAKE NEWS MEDIA did a horrible thing to the woman DR from Africa because she spoke up about the good experience of treating her patients with Hydrooxycholoroquine? & absolutely destroyed this lady DR & her career! I hope they all get sick & use it to save...
  19. M

    150,000 PLUS DEAD!

    Please Dan, Troll is an old Black Billy Goat Gruff--He/she is not a sheep, for God's Sheep do Good & follow their Good Shepherd, Jesus! Sheep are on the RIGHT--Goats are on the LEFT He is satan's goat & is a Socialist Leftist & LIAR leading his DEM Party Members into Hell! So please don't...
  20. M

    You might have Violent Intent while attending A Peaceful Protest if you:

    Never looked at it that way! :shocked: Those poor people were stacked in like cattle or worse, as they couldn't move & if anyone was sick or died--they had to wait until unloaded & then the places they had to live & work in were worse than hell holes! These people who want Socialism...