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Search results

  1. Digger70pa

    Found a field inbetween crops

    Thanks. Yes it took a while. It changed hands since the last time I was there. A guy tried to run me out. I told him I had permission & that I'd hunted it years ago. He softened up then.
  2. Digger70pa

    Found a field inbetween crops

    I got lucky & found a field inbetween crops. Its been at least twenty years since I've hunted this area. Glad i did.
  3. Digger70pa

    I dusted off my G2

    It really shines in hot ground & in iron. My G2 beats my T2se when in those conditions relic hunting.
  4. Digger70pa

    Complete Burnside round found....

    Nice find.
  5. Digger70pa

    I dusted off my G2

    I agree with everything you said.
  6. Digger70pa

    I dusted off my G2

    I have a F19 also. I used it for the back light & iron audio. I don't need any of that i guess. I've found lots of minie balls with both machines.
  7. Digger70pa

    I dusted off my G2

    I dusted off my G2 yesteday. I used a 13" Detech Ultimate coil. I used it directly under a high voltage power lines. It was a little sparky but I was able to run the sensitivity wide open at 100%. The area is old with lots of iron. We stumbled on to it looking for civil war relics. I think it...
  8. Digger70pa

    Coils For The G2

    The 13" ultimate works really well. I usually use the 15" attack coil from detech for civil war relic hunting. Before i got my GPX4500 this was my set up for relic hunting. I just got one of FT new 12" DD coils for it. My buddy is using one on his F75 & likes it in iron. The G2 is a very under...
  9. Digger70pa

    Back To An Old Friend, G2

    I just hunted a iron infested site yesterday with my G2 ultimate coil combo. It really works well.
  10. Digger70pa

    My last few hunts

    Its a spencer bullet. Some of the case is still left. We've found a few whole rounds in this spot.
  11. Digger70pa

    My last few hunts

    These are from my last few times out. The canister was in a field along a road we're hunting. We've found some for a mile stretch. I wouldn't have wanted to be around that place when they opened up with 12# cannons.
  12. Digger70pa

    Still rocking the gold color!

    Nice button.
  13. Digger70pa

    Some finds from yesterday...

    Nice cavalry relics buddy.
  14. Digger70pa

    Bullet ID help needed.....

    Williams regulation bullets.
  15. Digger70pa

    Bullet ID help needed.....

    Is the bullet on the right nose cast? If so its a williams regulation. The noses are flat from being fired.
  16. Digger70pa

    Bullet ID help needed.....

    The one on the left looks like a typical three ringer. The one on the right looks like a Williams regulation. Both look like fired bullets.
  17. Digger70pa

    Short hunt after work sword drag

    Thanks buddy.
  18. Digger70pa

    Short hunt after work sword drag

    I got a first on this hunt. I dug a sword scabard drag. The canteen mouth piece is a cool find also.
  19. Digger70pa

    Bullet ID help needed.....

    They look right to me.