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Search results

  1. silvercoinboy

    Where Are The New Fisher Models ?

    Just visited the website, and nothing about the AQ. Actually the site is 1990's style website that has not been updated in 20 years. I see the AQ on Kellyco. Anybody tried one out?
  2. silvercoinboy

    I found hundreds of pounds in 6 months detecting 1 hour per day

    Coin Magician, Where do you exchange the old pre-decimal size coins ( old 5p/1s, 10p/2s, 50p)? I have a bunch, but the Royal Post would not take them my last time in London in April. They did take the old pound coins though
  3. silvercoinboy

    Lost My Pin Pointer.... Damn It..! Need Advice

    I like the Whites TRX, which of course they don't make anymore. By the cost online, I must not be the only person who likes them!!
  4. silvercoinboy

    Snow Snow Snow..!

    bottom of ski runs where sweaty skiers take off gloves
  5. silvercoinboy

    Minelab Manticore

    Cabela's gives a 5% military discount, and often runs 10% off days. there is no difference between them and the big box detector online stores who don't even have a physical presence anymore. I personally like going to my local dealer who is part of my club.
  6. silvercoinboy

    Question re Fisher 1265-X batteries / voltage / wiring

    I use 2 9 volt batteries in mine, and it works fine
  7. silvercoinboy

    I'm Very Sad---Listed my Manticore for Sale today

    Bottom line is that me and my Manticore are separated by 6000 miles. I working in Saudi Arabia and my detector is in Washington DC. to top that, detectors are completely forbidden in Saudi and subject to confiscation and Massine fines/prison, so it ain't coming here. I'll order another one...
  8. silvercoinboy

    Have you hunted a plowed field with your Manticore?

    I found my Gold coin at 8 inches in a German Plowed field with my 800
  9. silvercoinboy

    Doubts over Manticore 50% extra power.

    That's where Elvis went! Now we know
  10. silvercoinboy

    Doubts over Manticore 50% extra power.

    Interesting how people who have never posted in the Equinox forum are coming in and saying the Manticore/900/700 are BS. When you compare the forums here to postings/ finds looks like Minelab is predominant. I normally hunt fields in Germany that have been worked hard by other detectors and...
  11. silvercoinboy

    How Come There is No MANTICORE forum here

    This chat room has not been updated in 5 years. I think the Mods are not actively managing it anymore. There is not even a Deus II site, and still sites that have no posts in the last several months. They say it is because Minelab does not support the site, which is why they 'punished' the...
  12. silvercoinboy

    Dealer called, Manticore being shipped.

    I got an email from Kelleyco and mine is inbound Via FedEx
  13. silvercoinboy

    Andy’s Book

    OK, Boomer (just mocking what my children say to me!)
  14. silvercoinboy

    Andy’s Book

    I posted this before but with the new environmental awareness in industry there are very little manuals being printed anymore. This also allows them to be updated all the time
  15. silvercoinboy

    Summary of 2022 Finds

    Great year! Interesting that you have way more clad quarters than pennies, nickels or dimes. I've always seen more of the lower than the 25 centers
  16. silvercoinboy

    Any word on any Manicore shipments???

    Um, Codan does not seem to be in any trouble. Reported record profits of $100.5 million last year. Looks like they are doing quite well
  17. silvercoinboy

    Dear Minelab

    No body does paper manual anymore. Greta Thunberg cries with each one
  18. silvercoinboy

    Time for a Manticore group? Lets vote for one. :)

    Findmall needs to update all their lists. Looks like they are stuck from 5 years ago. Not a great way to increase/retain traffic on the site which drives advertising dollars.......
  19. silvercoinboy

    8 Silvers and over 100 coins at a Switzerland Beach

    Happy New Year all: Got to spend Christmas week in Switzerland and hunted a lake beach for about 6 hours over 4 days. 8 nice Silver (.835) 1 Franc pieces and a bunch of common coins. 1Swiss France=$1.08. the 1/2 Franc pieces are about the size of a dime, and the 1 Franc are about quarter sized