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    What are your best tips for the T2?

    I'm a Deus II user but was just given a T2. What are the best tips you all have for someone just starting out on this machine? If it helps, I mostly hunt Civil War sites in Virginia (not red clay, fortunately) where there's a fair bit of iron and lots of bullets/other relics to be found.
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    Central Asia Coins by XP Deus 2

    Great video, and glad to see that the ground is getting better for digging. Did you figure out which time period that coin is from?
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    Central Asia Coins by XP Deus 2

    Thank you for the video. I am very interested to see what you find on future trips. I have not seen any videos from people hunting in Central Asia, but I can imagine there is a fascinating variety of artifacts waiting to be found there.
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    What are the frequencies in each D2 mode?

    This is great, thanks!
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    What are the frequencies in each D2 mode?

    It does explain what the highest frequencies for each mode are (usually either 24khz or 40khz) but there isn't much more than that.
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    What are the frequencies in each D2 mode?

    Gotcha. So I guess I'm wondering: Which frequencies are weighted more than others in each mode? Would there be a way to determine that myself?
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    What are the frequencies in each D2 mode?

    Do we know which frequencies the Deus 2 runs in each of its factory-set modes? The chart at the end of the manual just lists "FMF," so I'm assuming that XP isn't going to give out that information. But has anyone looked into this or tried to figure out which ones each program uses? I seem to...
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    And the Winner is!!

    Agree that the headphones in particular feel cheap and the charging system is awkward. That said, in the two years I've been using the Deus machines, everything has held up fine. I also haven't heard that many people complain about things breaking -- at least, not as many as have complained...
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    Just XP, no Deus for me.

    I've owned the Deus 1 and now the Deus 2. At multiple times, though, I have considered picking up an ORX second-hand just to see how it stands up against its two more-expensive siblings. Looking forward to reading your thoughts once you have it in hand, Monte.
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    Are either of XP's backpacks any good?

    I hear you on the company merchandising front. It's true that brands are always making up new products that we don't really need, or taking useful things, slapping their name on them, and selling them for 2x or 3x what you can pay for the same thing from a lesser-known brand or source. If you...
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    Finally, XP is releasing the Go Terrain app...

    I'm not sure what functionalities the app is supposed to have, though the video teases the ability to document finds on a map, including what they rang up as, as well as the ability to lay that over other (older?) maps. If it syncs with the Deus and can document those kinds of details, I'd give...
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    Finally, XP is releasing the Go Terrain app... France (hey, it's a start, I guess): The description says there will be more info in about two weeks. Curious to see if this is actually useful.
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    Are either of XP's backpacks any good?

    I'm definitely open to other suggestions. I wouldn't be shocked if the XP packs are for sale w/o the XP name for less elsewhere.
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    Are either of XP's backpacks any good?

    You can fit a Deus in one of those? It's only 14" tall!
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    Are either of XP's backpacks any good?

    I recently took a look at the specs for XP's new 240 backpack to try to figure out what makes it different from the 280. The 240 is roughly one-third the price of the 280, but it isn't clear why that is based on the information I could find online. Are either of them worth it? Or is there a...
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    I really like my MI6, especially since it can pair with either detector and you can pick between a continuous tone or a ratcheting noise.
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    Deus 2 for Tall Detectorist?

    I bought the extended middle shaft for my Deus I and it's definitely worth it. Anybody know if it'll work with the Deus II?
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    Couple hunts

    Nice finds, Jim. Looks like your dirt is fairly mild and treats the old coppers well. How deep were those coins?
  19. A

    Deus II Continues To Out Perform

    I was with coinworld on the hunt when he dug this up. We had a great time (I'll post a few finds of my own later!) The soil there isn't nearly as compact and mineralized as it is in other parts of VA. I was getting three ringers at 10 inches with my Deus I (not screaming signals, but definitely...
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    Programs for iron?

    My two go-to programs for iron are: 1. Deus Fast, especially if there's any modern trash mixed in 2. Calabash Digger's Pitch Program (see video below), which is great for older sites where modern trash is minimal and you're trying to pick up as many mid-tone relics as possible