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Search results

  1. bigtim1973

    New carbon fibre upgrade parts

    Does anyone know how much weight difference there is on the new carbon fiber parts compared to the older stock parts for the legend?
  2. bigtim1973

    Some observations of equinox coils on Xterra Pro

    This is not a test between units but more of a comparison between the xterra stock coil vs the equinox coils running on the new xterra pro. I do not know if there is any difference between the previous generation equinox coils verse the 2nd generation of eq coils. However the new eq coils...
  3. bigtim1973

    Equinox 900 on the way

    I have decided to go with an equinox 900 coming from using XP products for the past few years. Nothing against XP at all. They are fantastic units. I had an eq600. I liked a lot of things about it except for the numbering scale and also the not so great locking collars the first generation...
  4. bigtim1973

    First Impressions with the Xterra Pro

    I am very pleased at how much more robust the new shaft is. Way more sturdy with this set up compared to what the 1st generation equinox shaft shape and locking collars were. And the adjustable control pod is a great feature that I am sure other companies may follow. The only tools needed...
  5. bigtim1973

    Whites quantum 2 anyone??

    Now it has been a long while but recently I have bought one of these again. I must say it certainly is a lot faster than the xlt ever seemed to least for me anyway. I did not know this until recently either but it can run from 1khz to 25khz. I am very surprised by that. If detech...
  6. bigtim1973

    Converting Whites coil plugs for older whites units

    My question is this....can you take a coil for a dfx like the 6x10 dd....and swap out the cable connector for a 6.59 for the xlt or classic style models? I have a quantum 2 and really like it. However.....I think it would be a beast with a newer style dd coil. I am good at...
  7. bigtim1973

    Detech coils for good are they??

    I have been considering getting a detech coil for my dfx. I have had some similar coils for other units but never had a detech coil. Can anyone chime in with their experiences?
  8. bigtim1973

    Just pre ordered the xterra pro

    I do not need it.....but what the heck. I tried looking around at the bass pro shops but they did not have any in stock. I have watched several videos with people using it and I like the new 0 to 99 id numbers. My first minelab was an xterra 50 and I really loved it with the 6 inch 18khz...
  9. bigtim1973

    Ws6 master in salt water......anyone doing it??

    Anyone using the ws6 in salt water with the water antenna?? How are your impressions??
  10. bigtim1973

    Pawnshop find today

    One of the pawnshops near me hardly ever has anything I would be interested in. Well today I had a little time and decided to check in there. Not been there in several months and I could not believe it. Tesoro was one of my favorite brands for years. I have had just about all of the umax...
  11. bigtim1973

    What name brand do you believe has found more coins, gold, relics and or treasure?

    I believe Garrett has found more items than other brands. This has nothing to do with name brands or which one is better. It has to do with what has been around the longest world wide in the hobby. This is just for fun so no mud slinging. How about some of you?
  12. bigtim1973

    Is it that bad with the legend updates and ground balance?

    Have been seeing alot of bad ground measurements with the updates on the legend. Now people are complaining about the speaker blowing up On them. I thought I had made my mind up in getting one but I may hold off a bit now to see if they pan things out.
  13. bigtim1973

    Anyone try out the Deus 2 and then switch back to the Deus?

    just curious if any of you tried out the deus 2 and then go back to the original deus? This question is mostly for those who hunt inland and not on the beach or out prospecting for gold nuggets. I see alot of guys talk about the falsing in iron. I know this is a factor on SMF units but to...
  14. bigtim1973

    ID normalization do you ever turn it off?

    Who turns off ID normalization and why? I have not tried this yet myself.
  15. bigtim1973

    Is anyone still swinging a Safari?

    I see where Minelab has stoped production. I have always wondered about them. I have tried to post in several other places about input on the safari with no luck in response so I am going to try here. Is anyone still swinging one? Or have you switched to the vanquish or equinox? I just got...
  16. bigtim1973

    Why is all of the Minelab stuff way down here now??

    What is up with that?? Took me a bit to find Minelab stuff.
  17. bigtim1973

    Anyone modify a vanquish making it waterproof yet?

    I was curious if anyone has rebuilt a vanquish to make one waterproof yet l. it would be interesting and a very cheap unit to do so with.
  18. bigtim1973

    Any primarily Deus Lite users here?

    Curious to see who is uses the lite configuration with factory settings without remote. I would like to know your impressions compared to what you used to swing. I know most are using the remote or have purchased an ORX because of the ID screen. I have an ORX and had the Complete deus set up as...
  19. bigtim1973

    Got my kruzer in today!! Very happy too!!

    I Did a straight across trade with the forum member known as Shellhouse here on findmall he got my ORX and I got his MMK. I have forgotten how nice the nokta/makro units look and feel. This thing is very nice with a great looking display!! Man I am very impressed with how much easier to swing...
  20. bigtim1973

    Tell me about your Kruzer?

    Got a Kruzer coming. I had the Anfibio and man talk about the most sturdy machine I ever owned. It was too much of a control handle and overly built. But it had a nice large screen I found some cool stuff with it but I sold it off after a little while with it. It was only the Anfibio 15 and not...