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Search results

  1. bootyhoundpa

    Dogs and metal detectors

    Reminds of the episode on Dragnet where a guy taught several dogs how to snatch ladies purses..
  2. bootyhoundpa

    Bucket lister with some chaos

    Very cool find, again….. which gave you more of a thrill, finding it the 1st time or the 2nd time.. That coin has the potential to have been lost in 4 different centuries….
  3. bootyhoundpa

    Back to the new old homeplace

    Could be part of a pocket watch.
  4. bootyhoundpa

    Well that didnt work on pennies…..

  5. bootyhoundpa

    Well that didnt work on pennies…..

    If you want to make a V nickle look pretty I have found that Never-Dull cotton wading can bring them back to a brilliant luster if you are willing the work the coin for a half hour.. Of course any chemical used on a coin is gonna have long term consequences. Shield nickels are the...
  6. bootyhoundpa

    Found the Crown Jewel of Metal detecting

    Clown jewels…lol.. nice score…
  7. bootyhoundpa

    A few previous finds near the old fort…

    Amazing finds..I really like the 1794 large cent and the half cent but that mis stamped Connecticut copper is the ic on the cake.
  8. bootyhoundpa

    What is this thing... Not found with a detector..

    The piece to the left appears to be for compressing something…. The square shaft has holes which appear to spaced about 1” apart.. at a glance the only thing comes to mind would be like a spring compressor but why would it only need to compressed only 1 or 2 inches…. Everything has that...
  9. bootyhoundpa

    Colonial silver cross

    Looks primitive too..nice score..
  10. bootyhoundpa

    Silver-Gold-Platinum Day.

    nice ring / metal trifecta …I can not lie Dan, I would have a hard time returning that beautiful class ring
  11. bootyhoundpa

    Pieces of China and pottery

    I would guess age to between 1880 and 1900..
  12. bootyhoundpa

    Loss Of Depth In Fertilized Farm Fields ?

    I would highly recommend staying out of any fields that have been chemically fertilized as the potential health risks far outweigh anything you could find.. I’ve also find freshly tilled soil struggles to get great depth..
  13. bootyhoundpa

    1st Silver For The Year

    very nice for a dug coin.. ironically I’ve found a Barber quarter yet…
  14. bootyhoundpa

    14K white Gold ring

    nice chunk of gold…great score….
  15. bootyhoundpa

    New to the sovereign

    great machine for beach hunting and farm field hunting where digging crazy deep holes isn’t a doesn’t have great separation and struggles with many smaller items like micro jewelry but it’s killer on large cents and deep gold rings and can sometimes punch through soil that has tiny...
  16. bootyhoundpa

    Help choosing a shaft for scoop

    sometimes you can get lucky on garbage night and find someone getting rid of a worn out shovel that still has a good handle on it.. I prefer the D handle ,couldn’t live without it..