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  1. M

    Tweeker isn't going to be happy.

    I usually only post in the CTX forum, but this is the strangest thing I've found in over 40 years and I didn't find it with the CTX. However, I did have the CTX with me when I found it. Ironman and I go out diggin almost every other week since 2018. It was 12 degrees this morning so we figured...
  2. M

    Hit Big Silver

    11” is what I used for the silver and 17” on the gold.
  3. M

    Hit Big Silver

    This is my second silver half with the CTX. The first one was a Walker. The first one was my third time out with a CTX and I can’t remember the reading. But this one was 01-45. I’m told large copper pipe reads the same. Good luck!
  4. M

    Hit Big Silver

    It happened again. Same place, same diggin partner. Ironman says" let's change out the big coils to the 11" coils and hit these trashy spots. Remember don't dig anything less than 6" on the screen". We start. I dig a 6" memorial penny, a fired modern bullet and work my way over to a area by the...
  5. M

    Where are all the CTX users?

    Hit Gold! Ironman told me not to dig anything that read 6" or less. Had been digging 12-16 signals using the 17" coil that were reading 6"and was finding can slaw between 4-6". Got a 12-16, but it was reading at 9". I was using the 17" coil. Dug down a little over 6" and sold gold, figured it...
  6. M

    with regrets, I sold my CTX3030 after 11 months.

    Sorry to see you go. Enjoyed reading your post. I used a garrett deepseeker ads II for years with a 14" coil and hip mount. Best detector I ever had till I got the ctx. I used a fisher 1266 , F75, Troy Shadow 5 ,a Sovereign GT. I think I missed the hip mount, never enjoyed the other machines...
  7. M

    Finally received my ctx

    I think you got a great deal! Hope you enjoy it.
  8. M

    Got Caught Ogling

    Ironman has been a great mentor to me. He set my new CTX up just like his in 2018. I know I wore on him saying" check this out" every time I got a iffy signal. He would say dig it if you want to learn what the machine is telling you. Last week I finally beat him at a local park. I dug 3 wheaties...
  9. M

    Ctx does not disappoint

    Still looking for a Morgan 47 years......:(
  10. M

    This post proves pennies add up

    It works great. I run pennies separate and nickels separate. Clad all together.
  11. M

    This post proves pennies add up

    I use corn cob after I run them through ceramic. Corn cob will turn zincolns into oversized dimes after a couple of days. Takes the copper flashing right off.
  12. M


    Kevin, Great bunch of silver! Enjoy your posts and videos. Have learned a lot from your Youtube channel. Keith
  13. M

    Got a new CTX3030

    I have never had a problem with the CTX while carrying a iPhone.
  14. M

    CTX 3030 ever updated?

    A better wireless headphone system.
  15. M

    Now I know why I loved hunting with the CTX.

    Pulltabfelix, Welcome, I fairly new myself to the CTX. About 3 years now. I’ve owned probably 10 machines since 1975. I quit coin hunting in 1981 and relic hunted till 3 years ago when I got the CTX and met Ironman. He and the CTX changed my hunting. I actually like coin hunting. The first time...
  16. M

    Sink rate dry wet and frozen

    WOW, that's a lot of research. Thanks for the information.
  17. M


    This was the first time I ever dug coin for coin with him. But as you can tell he started piling on towards the end. He found the luggage token and the reunion badge. We are going diggin this Sunday, hopefully we can have a repeat. It is supposed to be hot so that's part of the repeat.
  18. M

    My Oldest BIG Copper

    Thanks! Eyes...I understand. I've been taking some eye medicine for 4 months and it doesn't seem to be helping.
  19. M

    My Oldest BIG Copper

    I found my oldest BIG Copper in Central MIssouri. Prior to this find my oldest was a 1847 US Large Cent. Same county as I found the Large Cent. A county I haven't hunted much. Maybe 10 times in 45 years. The BIG Copper is a 1837 Lower Canada Quebec Copper Penny. It would be neat to hear how it...
  20. M

    3 hours at the park

    I've dug 2 war nickels since I got the ctx 2yrs ago. 12-13 and 12-18. Didn't check them out of the ground.