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Search results

  1. still looking 52

    Garrett carrot pinpointed problem

    My Garrett carrot pinpointed is stuck in the silent vibrate mode, can't get in back in audio mode. Tried taking battery out hoping it would reset to the default setting, no luck, tried going through all mode changes, it will change the three sensitivity settings but won't go over to any audio...
  2. still looking 52

    F5 adds another silver

    Found this little lady hiding in the woods about three inches down, came in a steady 85 with no variations. Called my brother over with his F75 to get his reading on the target and it also was showing the same reading, we took out the plug and there she was, all nice and shiny. Can't read the...
  3. still looking 52

    Silver Quarter

    Went hunting out in the country today and found this very worn little lady, just about made the mistake of covering up the hole after pulling a penny and a nickel from the Same hole.
  4. still looking 52

    Out in the country

    Went out in the country & found this little sweet girl, 1903 "O" mint mark. My brother and myself hunted 6 hours in the blazing heat, that's a total of 12 hours and this was our only good find, still it was worth it & we're planning on going back on our next hunt and try & find her sister or...
  5. still looking 52

    Sweet Barber

    Sweet Barber Dime.Yesterday my brother and myself went hunting in the woods and I found this beautiful dime, it was down about 4 inches. I was using my F5, it came up an 80 for vid.
  6. still looking 52

    High country

    Over the last few years I've noticed that when hunting for silver we usually find the silver in the upper elevation part of the area we're hunting. I can't really explain why that is but time after time we find the silver in the higher elevation parts we're we are hunting. It's not 100% of...
  7. still looking 52


    Last time out with my brother we were looking for deep silver coins and I discovered that if your target is just off by a little bit when you pinpoint that it also effects your depth reading. Several times I thought my target was in the six inch depth range but actually it was only about four...
  8. still looking 52

    Silver finds

    Finally got some silver yesterday, two nice silver Rosie's, 1952D &1959S. Both coins were in the same area about 15 feet apart and both coins came in around 73 on the screen with 5" depth. My brother Ron also got a nice 1942S Mercury dime not far from the Rosie's, maybe he'll add to this post...
  9. still looking 52

    Garrett pro pinpointer

    I've got this Garrett Pro pinpointer that I've had for about 3 years now and lately it's been giving me trouble, it won't stay tuned and keeps drifting all the time. I've done the usual stuff, change the battery, clean the contacts, etc and it still persists with drifting. It's gotten so bad...
  10. still looking 52

    New silver coin record for me!

    Decided to try the woods just off the edge of the park we normally hunt, we hadn't been there long about an hour and I hit this hot spot where I found four silver dimes in about a thirty minute period, two dimes where in the same hole. After finding two in the same hole I went and got my brother...
  11. still looking 52

    O.M.G. look what I found!

    Found this barber 1/2 dollar today in the park we've hunted a million times. I was using my f5 while hunting with my brother WV62 and got one of those faint far away tones and called him over to check it out before I dug it, it showed high 70 to low 90 on the VID and a depth of 7". We dug down...
  12. still looking 52

    Something to think about

    Recently I discovered that most deep targets (5""plus) won't read on the VID screen or make any sound from most directions you approach the Target. I'm referring to coin hunting which is what I mostly do. The last two silver coins I found ( Mercury dimes) where between 5" and 7" deep and...
  13. still looking 52

    100 year old silver dime

    Went out in our over worked park where we've hunted a million times and found this Mercury dime down 7". I was using my f5 with 11" DD coil, settings were disc 65, gain85, thres +3.
  14. still looking 52

    One detector verses multiple detectors?

    I'm of the school that one detector has several advantages over having multiple detectors. Obviously cost is lower, maintenance is lower but primarily the biggest advantage is you learn the small details, what settings work best etc. I've had my f5 now for over two years, it's the only machine I...
  15. still looking 52

    Bag of money

    Found this bag of coins yesterday while hunting with my brother. All the coins were dated from 1966 to 1978 and there was 12 coins altogether in this small bag so we are thinking it was lost or buried somewhere in the late 70s or early 80s. We started thinking about what scenario happened...
  16. still looking 52

    New site/ New silver

    Found this new site yesterday and found another two pieces of silver, the first one I found was 1946d Washington quarter and the second one was a 1964 Rosie. This site used to be were Ron and I attended elementary school way back in the day and now is a museum for radio buffs, we asked for...
  17. still looking 52

    Silver spill

    Never thought this could happen but I got lucky and hit my first silver pocket spill a couple days ago, there were two silver dimes along with two wheat pennies and man were they all in bad condition. They were about 4" down and my ID# were bouncing around from71 to 75 and honestly I thought it...
  18. still looking 52

    First hunt of the year

    Looked at the weather report and saw we better get out today, winter is on its way. Went to our favorite hunting spot and got this nice 1940 mercury dime with my f5, it was sitting down about 3 inches so really it was metal hunting 101. The settings were disc60, sens 70, thres 0, 4 tones and...
  19. still looking 52

    What is this?

    Found this piece of jewelry yesterday. It has a date on it 1830, not sure if That's the date is was made or what? I do know it is silver.
  20. still looking 52

    F5 hits silver

    F5 hits silver, both the quarter and the dime are dated 1945. Found the quarter in this school yard where we never hunted before was running max disc with single tone and it was down about 3 inches. My brother and decided to go back in the local park where we've hunted 100 times before and try...