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  1. F

    Pinpointing did not seem as precise on V1.0

    I was noticing pinpointing was weird as soon as I got my deus 2, always way off. With the deus 1 it was always spot on, with the 2 the thing will never shut up, very noisy and inaccurate and I'd have to keep pressing the button to quiet it down.. I was hoping the update was going to fix that.
  2. F

    Upgrade to the Deus 2?

    I only got one because of the beach, otherwise I would have just stayed with the deus 1.
  3. F

    Deus 2 small coil 🤞

    They better not, I just ordered the 9" to go with my 11"!
  4. F

    XP Deus price

    I quit using eBay, now there's tax, super high fees and shipping is outrageous. I bought a motorcycle seat for $280 with a 30 day trial, it didn't work out for me so I returned it, Fedex charged me $114 for shipping! That was the cheapest shipping I could find. I sold a camera recently for...
  5. F

    The weirder, the better....

    UE Boom, I have one of those(y)
  6. F

    What about nickles?

    Both my 1 and 2 worked excellent on nickels, about the only coin that never wavered.
  7. F

    Why no separate 9" coils?

    What the heck, everyone has the whole detector in stock, why not separate coils? Anyone know when they're coming out?
  8. F

    Coil battery issues....

    Sounds like something is wrong, I can use mine for three days and probably even four, never had a coil die on my 1 or 2. Last time I went to the beach I was out for two solid days then got home and went out for another day and still haven't charged it.
  9. F

    Come on Xp , This Is Not On!!!!

    What trickery?
  10. F

    Come on Xp , This Is Not On!!!!

    I just tested mine and found that the deus will pick up the dime towards the back of the coil better, I had nail directly on top of a silver dime and vice versa, mine was picking it up no problem and reading 90-93. When I searched from all angles I found the dime could not always be detected...
  11. F

    And the Winner is!!

    My coil lasts forever, the last time I used it was April 22 for three days at the beach, I have not recharged it since, still working, just tried it. I've never had a problem with the 1 or 2.
  12. F

    Detectors unfinished before release

    You would have dug half as much and gotten twice as many finds if it was working properly🤣
  13. F

    📸 Does anyone have a Picture of the D2 strap that you can fasten/unfasten the remote to the handle 📸

    I drilled a hole in the fitting at the top of the shaft at a 45 degree angle to attach mine so I don't have to deal with putting it over the shaft every time. .
  14. F

    Watch this on bottle cap rejection

    What does it do to quarters? I'm too lazy to get up and try. I was at the beach for a couple days last week and wish I'd known about that, although using a scoop on dry sand is easy enough to just dig everything. Digging in parks is a lot different and it would be nice there.
  15. F

    D2 Update # 7 is now available

    because I turn it on and it works, not 10,000 pop ups, security updates, warnings, interruptions.....would you like to update now, would you like to restart?....... No, I turned it on, why would I want to turn it off and back on? I have never used a pc that I have not been interrupted in the...
  16. F

    D2 Update # 7 is now available

    I went out and bought the cheapest laptop I could find a couple years ago for $140, I only use it for updating my Deus 1 and 2 and use it for programming my police scanner and radio, otherwise it sits. It would be nice if it worked with my Apple computers
  17. F

    Deus 2 puck holder

    How do you pair wireless earbuds to the deus?
  18. F

    Xp shaft

    Yes, I have been in contact with the dealer but its been over a month now.