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    Coronavirus Symptoms FYI I guess we have all seen versions of this of late but pretty simple description just in case. This seemed very helpful.

    You bible belt Americans are way too soft, I bet you'd vote for a social conformist like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez! That fool woman didn't know the difference between cash and a tax write-off....... You staying safe over there? W'eve had one new case of Wuhan virus, first in nearly a week in...
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    Best Machine for jewelry on land

    A garret ACE400 or the AT Max, with a DD coil and you’ll find a dropped ring if it’s there!
  3. T

    New Garrett coming...soon?

    They need a replacement for the AT Gold, that's where they are loosing sales to competitors like Mine Lab.
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    special find

  5. T

    Special find

    TROLL, needs to be blocked!
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    The Latest Issue Of The "Garrett Searcher" Is Now Available!

    Thanks John. Such a good volume of reference material and I can't think of a better time access it!
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    Coronavirus Symptoms FYI I guess we have all seen versions of this of late but pretty simple description just in case. This seemed very helpful.

    BTW, my son is a pharmacist, and I asked him about the 'baking soda' preventative. DONT TAKE BAKING SODA DAILY. Taking baking soda will make the blood alkaline, drastically affecting your kidneys, as the kidneys attempt to balance the bloods pH. If the kidneys fail to cope, the lungs will...
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    Coronavirus Symptoms FYI I guess we have all seen versions of this of late but pretty simple description just in case. This seemed very helpful.

    I think it's time to head to the Pilbera in Western Australia, swing the coil and look for gold. If the Wuhan virus (COVID-19) doesn't like the heat, the Pilbera will be the safest place on earth for me to be. Night time low of 80.6f and 109.4f in the shade...
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    Shopping in Boston?

    My wife will be in Boston for two weeks visiting relatives and said that she would grab a Garrett pan set for me, where would be a good place to pick one up? I think she is staying just south of Boston (suburbs).
  10. T

    Gold Nugget with ACE 350?

    G'day guys. I took the my ACE 350 (US) to a spot where folks can fossick for gold, I usually pan and sluice there and I still haven't covered petrol money... However one of the guys I pan with found a lovely 2g nugget about the size of a small bean, so of course the ACE 350 was tested with it...
  11. T

    ACE350 for gold prospecting

    Has anyone used an ACE350 for gold prospecting? If so, how did it perform? I have the chance to run my ACE350 over some gold producing areas this week, I'll have pans, pick and shovel to fall back on.... T
  12. T

    Something I noticed

    Fellow Garrett users and others! While perusing the forums , a thing I notice about the Garrett MD's (aside from MineLab trolls rubbishing them at every opportunity) is the ACE 150, 250 and AT Pro are well liked (loved) but you hardly read anything about the ACE 350 or AT Gold! Is cost a factor...
  13. T

    Sweet sounds of silence

    I decided to air test my ACE 350 with some coins and a couple of gold rings since I have not used it since late November, as it has been hot and dry, the ground like cement, until the rains came and came and Brisbane flooded, again. I tuned on my ACE and it went nuts, even on the lowest...
  14. T

    Do you fill your holes in?

    Over the last week or two I have noticed some holes at a park I visit, just a few, right where the boot camp ladies do their thing of a night, I thought someone may have checked the area over to see if the girls have dropped anything of value and zoomed in to pick it up. The holes started just...
  15. T

    NEW TOY I can see in the dark!

    I have used these in the past (army) and they have always been too expensive. If you have an Aldi store in the US rock in and buy one I tested mine last night (yes I'm a Nighthawk) and the park was laid bare, not a dark spot hidden from me and I could see every one (there were a few people out...
  16. T

    Discrimination question on ACE 350

    G'day all. I was back at the mosquito park today, found a couple of coins before the failing light and mosquitoes forced me to retreat to the car. However while I was in the park I had a play with the discrimination setting on the ACE 350, I put it in coin mode, had three bars on the...
  17. T

    First coin spill

    I went back to the mosquito park, this time in the morning and the bugs were tolerable as long as I kept moving. There was a little track that went down to the creek and had a creek/drain running beside it. At the end of the track there were no sounds coming from the ACE 350 so I was not over...
  18. T

    My Precious

    G'day. Well my ACE 350 is less than two weeks old and today on its second outing it found me a man's gold wedding band, 9ct rose gold. I also found a couple of tokens for an Aldi supermarket trolley and a couple of one and two dollar coins while dodging the rain, it is pouring down here. One...
  19. T

    ACE 250 or 350 what's the real difference?

    It seems like my Master Hunter is on its way out, the needle jumping and giving false hits even when it is no where near the ground. So I am looking at replacing it with a Garrett ACE but which one the 250 or 350? Which is the better unit for 'koin-shooting' and why? I will be ordering from the...
  20. T

    False hits on sand with Garrett MH 7 ADS

    Hi all. I seem to have a lot of false hits when I am at the beach, if the sand is a little rough and the coil brushes over the damp sand I have a response but when I swing back and don't bump the sand there is no tone. I am assuming that these are false hits as I can't find any target when I...