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    Most Hated Words for a beach detectorist....

    Donna, Hopefully once Fall rolls around, we get a few storms that bust up the beaches and take away 8-9 feet of sand. I think that's our only hope now !
  2. T


    Nice hit on that chain. But that's not small stuff ! LOL
  3. T

    Analog vs Screen Machines

    You are so right about that. I had one but sold it...wish I didn't. I can still remember that Musky sound of silver. It even worked well on the salt water beaches I hunted for being a single freq unit. Cool machine.
  4. T

    Silver dollar spill

    Beautiful coins. My favorite coin of all time. Congrats.....great finds.
  5. T

    Garrett customer service still top notch

    Purchased a new Garrett Z-Lynk system from an on-line vendor. The package did not come with the rubber bands needed to secure the module onto the shaft. Other than that the system works great. I contacted the vendor, and they said call Garrett. Called Garrett customer service and they said no...
  6. T

    Dime slayer

    Finally got a chance to get out with my X-Terra 705 and 9 inch LF concentric coil. I have read somewhere that the optimal frequency for snagging dimes is around 2.5-3 kHz. Well...I got about 20-25 dimes at a local park today. All clad but still. They all hit high tone in the 40-42 range. Very...
  7. T

    5.2 update question

    I have a Deus remote that is already at version 5.2. I want to update my LF coil and headphones to 5.2. Seems there is not an option to just update headphones and coil separately. Will it matter that I go through the process and re-update 5.2 on the remote so I can then get to the menu...
  8. T

    A higher HF coil

    Not sure if this question/topic has been talked about before. With the advent of other manufactures creating units running in higher the higher frequency range (30kHz, 60kHz) and units having HF coils in that range as well, do you think Minelab will make a few coils for the X-Terra in those...
  9. T

    Tips on buying used V3i

    Both were out of warranty but I had no qualms buying. Both units I purchased used worked perfectly. I still have one of them. I do believe if less than 2 years old and under warranty, the warranty transfers. First thing is to make sure the seller is reputable if it is a private owner. Most...
  10. T

    Todays dry sand beach hunt with the Gold Gain

    Took off work today to hit the beach. So tired of the weather we have been having and when I saw it was going to be sunny and 80…that’s all I needed to know. I went to the same beach I and a friend have hit the last few weeks. It is the same iron laden patch that I found the silver cross with...
  11. T

    2 tone reverse on the MK

    Was out in the yard experimenting. Running 2 tone, I changed the FE tone to 70 and the Gold/Non FE tone to 15. Pretty interesting when I went over the buried rusty nail patch and then over my buried silver quarter. Went from 'morse code' of the iron to the 'duck quack' of the silver...
  12. T

    Did the update...all modes GB'd on the beach yesterday

    After I did the update, I performed ground balancing in the dry sand in all modes, and it ground balanced fine. In the wet sand, I only performed GB in Beach Mode....fine as well. Received my headphone adapter the day before and was very happy to have gotten it as the beach was really windy...
  13. T

    Check out this vintage detector

    Went to my moms today and went up to the 3rd floor (my old room) and rummaged through one of the closets. Found my metal detector I made in 5th grade (1969) that won the science fair. Check out the slim line control box, graphite shaft and ultra thin high tech coil design !!!!
  14. T

    Maiden voyage of the MK on the beach

    Took the MK on it's maiden voyage to 2 NJ beaches. The first beach I hunted the wet sand and suds since this beach is known to have some good targets at low tide. This beach is also loaded with hot rocks and the picture has 2 of them shown. These 'rocks' can be the size of a dime (sometimes...
  15. T

    Ground balancing in Gen Mode

    Took the MK out on it's maiden voyage to the beach. Separate post will be forthcoming. Bottom line is it worked great. I know there have been posts about several modes not being able to GB. I had the same happen today when hunting the dry sand trying several of the modes, but I just went into...
  16. T

    Thoughts on a new multi freq coil for beach hunting

    This has probably been brought up thousands of times, but now that the HF coils are out, and their design is a bit different than the LF coils in that the battery is extended on a cable, do you think XP will broaden that design and make a MF coil that is water proof, has the antenna built into...
  17. T

    Sticking with my 3.2 version

    After many days of debating and wanting a HF coil, I have come to the conclusion that for my hunting style and the fact that my 5 year old Deus has not had ONE problem, I am sticking to the 3.2 version. I can stay on that version correct ?
  18. T

    Whites 5.3 coil Hitting a 9+ inch penny and dime on V3i?

    Just curious since that 5.3 inch Whites coil isn't known as a depth demon. What 5 inch coil/unit combination do you have now that hits that 9+ inch penny or dime ? The only 2 combos that I have in my arsenal that MIGHT hit those coins with a small coil would be my E-Trac with 5 inch Sunray...
  19. T

    Coils for the V3i

    Awesome coil for the V3i....just go slow.