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Search results

  1. Monkeys Uncle


    My understanding (good/bad ??) try setting discrimination as high as possible for depth...back off if/when the "chatter" is too loud or over powering. Chatter can be intense if the location has an abundance of rusty iron, foil and or alum can slaw. Another bad area can be where there is or was...
  2. Monkeys Uncle

    Banning of metal detecting

    Never understood places like State parks that are adamant about Native American items (EX-arrow heads) lying on the surface are to be left undisturbed. "DO NOT TOUCH" and God forbid if you pick it up as if the original owner is coming back for it. Do understand "No Digging" on State...
  3. Monkeys Uncle

    I Have A Question

    Just a guess...people don't lose or drop much while walking or strolling?? Need more vigorous activity maybe??
  4. Monkeys Uncle

    I Have A Question

    Sorry...I can't answer your question...but, have the same situation and curiosity. Hope someone jumps in with an answer. HH
  5. Monkeys Uncle

    X-Terra Pro vs. Vanquish 440?

    Used my 440 today. Old baseball field. Picked up some clad...all dated in the 80's and most were around 8 or 9 inches deep. Still amazes me how accurate it ID's the target...I'm so old, I don't dig pennies or nickels anymore...just dimes and quarters. Get a ring every once in a while. Only...
  6. Monkeys Uncle

    X-Terra Pro vs. Vanquish 440?

    Good...(no)...valid point(s). With the Etrac, I grew tired of wondering whether I EVER had the right settings for the location, mineralogy, electrostatic???, soil conditions, sensitivity, tone, ??? etc., etc. PLUS finally realized I could hunt longer with a lighter machine. The weight and...
  7. Monkeys Uncle

    X-Terra Pro vs. Vanquish 440?

    Not trying to discourage you and your interest in other detectors...but my experience with machines with multiple options/configurations can lead to frustration, i.e., "what if" I'd used this/that/another setting...would I have detected more/better/deeper targets???? The answer is yes AND no...
  8. Monkeys Uncle

    X-Terra Pro vs. Vanquish 440?

    Don't know the other machine...but, use and love the Vanquish 440. Especally, light weight and its simplicity. Used an Etrac for years (great machine...maybe the best) but too heavy and toooooo many options.
  9. Monkeys Uncle


    Gary? Have no idea what a "bobby dazzler" is. Don't understand why he NEVER has to dig the target. Don't think I would enjoy hunting with him. :unsure:
  10. Monkeys Uncle


    As many individuals it would likely have taken to bury the supposed treasure in the first place...I SERIOUSLY DOUBT NO ONE (IN THAT GROUP) RETURNED TO RECOVER IT. Wood, rocks, rusty iron, buttons, rubber boot and mud is IMHO, the only thing left there. :confused: The ONLY people going to benefit...
  11. Monkeys Uncle

    Some finds from the Rio Grande Valley Oct. 2022

    Great finds! Just curious...upper or lower Rio Grande valley? Have relatives near McAllen.
  12. Monkeys Uncle

    Noah's Ark still in Turkey

    Firm believer here...but you cannot convince me that it or anything else is Noah's Ark. Salvation is based on "Faith" in things unseen, given God's unwarranted Grace along with Jesus' work on the cross. Finding THE Ark would "prove" God is real and destroy the need for "Faith" in the unseen...
  13. Monkeys Uncle

    Ever find one of these??

    Did ya check it for drugs or drug $$? ;)
  14. Monkeys Uncle

    Small falcon maybe

    Beware...hungry Blue Jay stalking Honey Badgers. :cool:
  15. Monkeys Uncle

    prayer request.......

    Will be praying that God's will be done for Judy, and the Dr's and Nurses have steady hands and clear heads. Amen!
  16. Monkeys Uncle

    An interesting unique find...

    Cool find. (y)
  17. Monkeys Uncle

    What does "Scales" means on an 1877 map?

    My guess..."rural/agricultural" regions, especially crops like cotton, grain, hay, etc. would provide a higher frequency of weigh stations (scales) than ranch (cattle, sheep, swine, etc.) area.
  18. Monkeys Uncle

    Five digit Sterling Silver marking?

    Reads "SI" to me and logic says "no reason to stamp in one direction, then invert and stamp in another".
  19. Monkeys Uncle


    Ugly GOLD works for me. ;):cool: