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  1. W


    Was I dreaming about porno being on early this morn? So sad. Sure glad my family wasn't looking over my shoulder. Hope I am wrong.
  2. W

    Went waltzing with the granddaughter.

    I'm sitting inside with pollen in my eyes. Great story Ron. I call my granddaughter "favorite granddaughter" then she'll laugh and say I'm your only granddaughter. She left to begin her junior year at University of Georgia. Straight A's so far. She's beautiful inside and out. Such a delight.
  3. W

    Never get old

    Dancer I still go back and read your original post of 19 March. It is still funny to me. Your wife must also be a delight. God bless you both.
  4. W

    Angles question

    The only angles around her are my roof top. This area is flat as a fritter the ole' timers used to say.
  5. W

    Hunting overgrown property

    All good recommendations! These guys know their stuff.
  6. W

    Some Old Relics and Silver

    Such great finds! Can't wait for a little cooler temp. but the humidity is the killer. Gnats also ruin the day. E. central Ga. is a great place to live (usually).
  7. W

    Beach gold

    Nice ring Joe. Much better than the fake junk I've found lately.
  8. W

    Georgia Gold Rush abandoned mining towns

    There are a few "tourist" mines open in the Dahlonega area but not sure about the rest of them. Used to prowl around a few of them went I went to North Georgia College back in the '50's. Only 700 students then. Comparatively, it's much bigger now. Has a University status now. Met a moonshiner in...
  9. W

    I'M DONE!!!!

    Right on, ma.
  10. W

    Well...I took the plunge!

    Confetrit, I was just thinking the same thing. Great brains think alike. We in Georgia got stuck with a couple of looser liberals last election. God help us from idiots with no desire to support a Constitutional Republic. With all the illegal aliens being able to vote soon (free this and free...
  11. W

    Simplex Wireless Volume

    I hardly get any sound through my wireless phones. The speaker volume booms out. Anything I can do to get more vol. through the phones? The vol. icon shows maxed out. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  12. W

    Please help my simplex has an error message and makes no sound

    Lovey, if you need to update your software go for it. I updated mine. If I can ANYBODY can. I had rather take a walk on Mars than mess with a computer.
  13. W

    My first V nickel!!!!

    Ron , a great find. I love finding a "V". A beautiful coin. But most were back in the :ole" days.
  14. W

    Got Out In The Heat Today With My APEX

    John, you always manage to find some neat things. Looking good.
  15. W

    Sat Down, Then Took a Walk And Went To The Barber

    A great time for you and a great time for us just looking at great finds. So proud that they are now out of the ground and in your collection. The older coins, to me, have a look of artistry and patriotism. Now----zinc??
  16. W

    Equinox counter weight

    Dang. Now I'm trying to find a 14" rod. Thanks for the info. Should apply to "others".
  17. W

    Finally found my white whale! Still in shock!

    What a great find!! As u2 mentioned how did people lose a big coin. As a boy I remember having holes in my pockets all the time. My mom would stitch them up. Always losing things. I carry more junk now yet I haven't had a hole in years. Better material? Don't really know.
  18. W

    Anyone been here before ?

    CJM don't get cremated. You might be a walking bomb. Could wipe out the neighborhood.
  19. W

    Back to the old barracks…..

    Ron, that's funny. But so sad we have to put up with it.
  20. W


    A double Amen!