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Search results

  1. fwcrawford

    Gold Sapphires & Diamonds..!!

    .585 is the percentage of gold which is 14 karat....58%. That is a very nice find!!!!
  2. fwcrawford

    Beat up barber!

    Looks better than this coin I found earlier this year!!😂🤣
  3. fwcrawford

    Gold Sapphires & Diamonds..!!

    Great find!!! What is karat of gold?....should be on the inside of the ring. That thing looks expensive!!
  4. fwcrawford

    My recent finds.

    Nice assortment of finds you have been making!!!!👍 Makes me want to go out and dig some holes!!🤣😂
  5. fwcrawford

    Bullet ID

    My guess is they are post civil war, but have some age... late 1800’s- early 1900’s. Oddly, looks like none have been fired. Nice finds either way!!👍
  6. fwcrawford

    Is it water safe?

    Only one way to find out, but if you bought it to use for water hunting, you may as well try it.... after all... it is supposed to be waterproof down to 10 feet. I have a Sand Shark and the first time I used it, I was nervous too, but had no issues, and don’t even worry about it now. After 8...
  7. fwcrawford

    Pioneer Artifact Discoveries In WA State

    Very enjoyable video and some neat finds!!! Beautiful site to detect too!!👍👍
  8. fwcrawford

    And today's lesson for the anarchists......

    I can more of this happening more the way things are going... these animals ( and that is all they are) are getting more brazen everyday. They will start targeting the wrong people at some point and this will be the result.
  9. fwcrawford

    Change shortage

    I do that at the end of every year. Good idea though!! I like your avatar!!!!
  10. fwcrawford

    I think this is a sign of what is coming......

    While out shopping last night, I noticed a huge bin of Play-Doh on sale. Apparently Walmart is preparing for when Trump wins the election this year!! Those liberals will need plenty of this after they retreat to their safe spaces!!! I think I'll invest it Play-Doh stocks!LOL Sorry guys.. I could...
  11. fwcrawford

    V3 software hunt

    It may be a while before those protesters go home.... I am experiencing the same thing!
  12. fwcrawford

    Looks like a new software update?

    I have windows 8 and just performed the download with no issues. Ted... try checking your terminals to make sure they are clean.. just a thought. The system requirements mention windows 10, but I had to update to version 2.0 when I got my detector new, and the download worked with windows 8.
  13. fwcrawford

    Found my first silver ring ever with the E-trac !

    Nice find.... you should be able to straighten that one out if you have a mandrel or you can take it to a jewelery shop.. they probably will do it for free for you. Good score and congratulations!!!!
  14. fwcrawford

    Another one dime day!

    Might only be one coin, but it is a good one!! Very nice condition too!!!👍👍
  15. fwcrawford

    Black armed "NFAC" militants want two things:

    I like Option 2 also!!!!😂🤣
  16. fwcrawford

    Last night’s beach hunt (dry sand).

    Nice score on the wedding band!!! Fredrick Goldman brand. 👍👍
  17. fwcrawford

    Equinox Grip

    If you get a chance, post your nephew’s handle... be interesting to see that one too since you stated it is really worn.
  18. fwcrawford

    Equinox Grip

    That is strange... I have not experienced this at all on mine. I wear gloves on both hands, but they are not abrasive, plus I try not to use my detector hand while making recoveries. Not sure if that has anything to do with it. Sounds like at least one other person is having the the same issue.
  19. fwcrawford

    axe head

    I would say that axe dates back into the 1800’s most likely. It looks longer than modern ones. I have found some that are long and they came from old 1800’s house sites. The tip of the blade is s 5 1/2” wide.
  20. fwcrawford

    Equinox Grip

    Can you post a photo of yours? BTW... my grip is gray, not blue.