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Search results

  1. Goldstrike

    SoCal beaches open for detecting?

    Thanks for that info. I actually dont mind too much detecting when the beach has just a few beach goer's but when it gets crowded, Im gone until the last few people leave usually around 7pm ish. Yes, I would generaly agree about going early morning or late evening but even them, I know guy's...
  2. Goldstrike

    Time try something new!

    How are you doing with the Simplex? Any regrets about shifting from the Safari to the Simplex?
  3. Goldstrike

    How are you Safari swingers doing?

    Thanks. I'm almost done finishing off my basement which has been a huge project and very time consuming. I had to cancel a week long beach trip due to covid problems (not me but others) and so I would have been detecting the beach today. It was a gut wrenching decision because I love beach...
  4. Goldstrike

    How are you Safari swingers doing?

    Confetrit......I hope you heal quickly and will be able to get back to detecting very soon! I've got out on occasion but not found much to be worthy of pics and a backstory. I'm getting ready to go and detect some property dating from the 1850's so there has to be something good around the log...
  5. Goldstrike

    SoCal beaches open for detecting?

    Thanks Mark. So I'm figuring they are open but probably masks and social distancing is in place? I'll be detecting during the daytime.
  6. Goldstrike

    How are you Safari swingers doing?

    This has been a very quite forum this year. That nasty covid 19 virus has hit many very hard and that's probably part of the reason for things to be quiet? My family are lucky/blessed to have not had it and I hope and pray we stay that way! My wife and I will be travelling from Utah to visit...
  7. Goldstrike

    SoCal beaches open for detecting?

    I'm going to Newport/Balboa beaches this weekend and was wondering if the beaches are open to detect? I hear conflicting reports and I guess it all depends on what the California governor decides to do each day and week! Thanks in advance.
  8. Goldstrike

    Hit two beaches, not much loot, but priceless pair of young ladies frolicking in the water....

    And the Dad with 21 inch biceps was up on the beach watching you all the time no doubt lol!!! Got to be careful nowadays!!!
  9. Goldstrike

    Anyone been/felt threatened while detecting?

    Just like earthypotluck, I make sure I display my Lesche knife, not in a threatening way but in a way that they know you have a potential weapon. I'm always aware of my situations wherever I go. Ive' been approached but not messed with and I pity the poor person that tangles with me!!! Ah yep, I...
  10. Goldstrike

    What one man has done on his stretch of beach

    Call me overly cautious but after seeing all the broken beer bottle glass, rusty nails from wooden pallets burned on beaches and a bunch of other items that could do some damage to bare feet, I don't go bare foot anymore when I'm on vacation. I always wear sandals! It dosen't spoil my metal...
  11. Goldstrike

    R.N.F. (rings not found)lol!

    Yes, your right about that plus the kind of detector (P.I. or some other). Also, some quit sooner than other's when the beach seems devoid of targets. Some of my best finds have come from the end of the day. I still detect as I'm heading back to the parking lot etc.
  12. Goldstrike

    R.N.F. (rings not found)lol!

    Well, after being at the beach for a week, I struck out unfortunately. There was a time when a guy could find a couple of rings per day but times have changed and you would be lucky to find one or two a week now. No problem though because we all need to adapt to situations and you just have to...
  13. Goldstrike

    Safari Screen Contrast?

    It's only when I have the screen facing the sun that I have difficulty seeing the display. I just rotate the detector around a bit away from the sun. You can make a sunshade to fit above the screen to shade the display.
  14. Goldstrike

    Moniker change

    I hope you can upload an avatar that you like. I ended up changing mine!
  15. Goldstrike

    Moniker change

    Yep, some of us older guys are reluctant to change but it's all ok and we (Forums) were due for a fresh look!
  16. Goldstrike

    Moniker change

    Thanks KindManTall !(y)
  17. Goldstrike

    Checking In!

    I'm getting excited! The temps are rising in Southern Utah and today it actually crept up to 51F!! Feels like a heatwave after a lengthy spell of snow and ice for many weeks. I actually might fire up my Safari and see what's out there to detect!! I'm heading to the beach for a week in 3 weeks...
  18. Goldstrike

    Moniker change

    I'm just getting used to the new Forum format and wanted to know how you can change your moniker i.e. I have a green square with a big G in it. I want to insert a pic.
  19. Goldstrike

    My better finds

    Very impressive collection of finds!!
  20. Goldstrike

    Sterling Silver and other relics with the Simplex

    Nice finds! Beautiful match/box holder!