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Search results

  1. Confetrit

    Anyone Relic hunt in the Jonesboro area

    Yes. I hunted Jonesboro some years ago. Much of the battlefields have been lost due to subdivisions and urban sprawl.
  2. Confetrit

    For all the guys and ( gals ) who have been detecting for a while ( like me almost 30 yrs ) what haven't you found yet.....

    As a relic hunter, there are still quite a few relics that have eluded me over the years......but I'll still keep searching when I can, as long as I can.
  3. Confetrit

    Colonial farm permission fun!

    Great Colonial Saves of the artifacts. Well Done, and stay at it.
  4. Confetrit

    CS button

    Great story. Keep looking, and Best of Luck.
  5. Confetrit

    CS button

    Great Save of the CS button and the other finds. What a story you have too, that accompanies these finds. Is there any stories that can personally tie your Grandparents to these buttons? Do you know if your Grandad was a veteran of the CW? Could this button have belonged to him, or could he have...
  6. Confetrit

    Complete Sterling Pocket Watch

    Great Saves. Like the others, I really like that pocket watch. You Did Good!
  7. Confetrit

    Camden SC Civil War Pass Through But Mostly Near Revolutionary War Battlefield

    Best of Luck to you. As Odanscoils pointed out, the armies camps were always pretty massive, being spread out. Envision the size of a camp and the area that it would take to accommodate 50,000 troops or better. Keep us posted.
  8. Confetrit

    The things ya see while detecting…..

    Great story. I'll bet there was a trail of smoke trailing the ole' gal's. You could almost see em'. Remember the old Charlie Daniels song, "Uneasy Rider"? "Mario Andretti woulda sure been proud of the way they were movin' when they passed that crowd". This most likely would apply to them. Thanks...
  9. Confetrit

    Plunk ur magic pranger froggie

    Kermit would be Proud!
  10. Confetrit

    Why would I want to buy an old Explorer these days?

    Hey,.......we're All in this together. Lol
  11. Confetrit

    question about detecting on Historic property in Maryland

  12. Confetrit

    Prayer request..........

    Black Hat, (Mike), I just saw this post. Prayers sent your way that the CT scan went well, and will follow up with Positive Results. God's Speed.
  13. Confetrit

    question about detecting on Historic property in Maryland

    The White House would be one of the most Historical landmarks. Inside RESIDES a complete IMPOSTER, Buffoon, and Clown posing as a President. This is the Clean version.
  14. Confetrit

    question about detecting on Historic property in Maryland

    New lyrics to the song, "This Land is Your Land". (Socialist Democrat version) This Land is My Land, This Land is My Land from California, ..............
  15. Confetrit

    Dawson Blank

    That is a cool piece. Where did you come across this?
  16. Confetrit

    Detector reveal nite

    Best of luck to you with your Manticore. (y)
  17. Confetrit

    Are the Safari detectors.......

    Yes, they sure are.
  18. Confetrit

    Are the Safari detectors.......

    What did you have to pay for the Safari if I may ask, and are you sure this wasn't a knockoff from Biden's Buddies from China? Just asking.