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Search results

  1. autopilot42

    2 New machines and a pinpointer

    Angle of deflection from signal that is reflected possibly.. meaning how many degrees the wave form has changed from what was sent out.
  2. autopilot42

    First Texas is selling brand new cz3D…. $650 free shipping on Fee / way .

    Depends on management and what they want to to make per unit. Everything is way done in price so all electronics get cheaper. The only two high priced are the Manticore and the dues don't have either and not interested. Everything is marketing. It costs no more to make the exterra pro...
  3. autopilot42

    F series

  4. autopilot42

    I dusted off my G2

    It doesn't fail to iron like the rest of my machines.
  5. autopilot42

    Got my G2+ a buddy today.

    Very easy on the ears eqx is so much different
  6. autopilot42

    Got my G2+ a buddy today.

    Gold bug is the best found most of goods.
  7. autopilot42

    F series

    Just bought one for 180. It will replace my f2 . Will give that to neighbors for the kids. They will have fun. Bullets and othe stuff to be found. Across the river from fighting they camped here. A 57 is a bullet. So much to be found. Interesting why they dropped their cleaners they...
  8. autopilot42

    F series

    Very nice machine. Love the interface
  9. autopilot42


    My fav is the gold bug g2 platform. Nice and simple. Very effective. The 800 I have is nice when I run in gold mode . Abit better audio. Seems to jive. I only hunt old stuff don't do park hunting so that might be a difference... the 800 seems to do better at rhe Beach if using the...
  10. autopilot42


    The omega was the same way . The f5 had no need since separate gain and threshold. Old machines still nice. The audio on my f5 is so superior to the new stuff. It is my preference for the new. Ether flutey or digitized .
  11. autopilot42

    My thoughts on Detectors lately

    Alot of it has to to do with currency exchange they are doing fine
  12. autopilot42

    Deep Big Silver / Coin Silver Pocket Watch Cover / 1934 Chauffeur License Badge

    Jim do you still go to northern MN Quite a pretty place. I remember north of Duluth and we stayed in cabins. The water between MN and Canada is beautiful. The boundary waters.
  13. autopilot42

    Deep Big Silver / Coin Silver Pocket Watch Cover / 1934 Chauffeur License Badge

    Very beautiful finds. When I hunted my father's parking lot at the farm it was nice alot of old finds and some in-between. No silver but many nice artifacts. Keeps the mind going and thinking. Great finds. Amazing what people lose after getting out of vehicles. 99 degrees today to hot...
  14. autopilot42

    minelabs bad decision on coils

    If you set up a distinct separation test minelab wins . I don't hunt those type of situations. I hunt old camping sites very different from park settings. I guess you need multiple tools to get the finds. That is what makes the hobby fun.
  15. autopilot42

    You tube is a bad influence!

    The eqx 800 was my worst by . Spent cabelas bucks so no big deal . My best buy was my goldbug. Extremely satisfying. Not deep but most stuff we find is not. Easy on eyes and ears.
  16. autopilot42

    Lost My Pin Pointer.... Damn It..! Need Advice

    Rechargeable is nice as long as you can change the battery once it fails. If it is a sealed unit you are nolonger water proof not a big deal for most.
  17. autopilot42

    Lost My Pin Pointer.... Damn It..! Need Advice

    I like the fpulse seems fine very deep I will say I like the fpoint only an inch detection but slim and can shove it down all others are two blunt . Depends on were and what you are hunting. Depends how much you want to spend.
  18. autopilot42

    Been watching them for 20 days so far.

    The best to him he has some balls
  19. autopilot42

    Been watching them for 20 days so far.

    A mother's love ❤️ quite special.