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  1. G

    Overwhelmed with Legend

    My humble suggestion is to select the mode you wish to hunt in. Then set the Operating Frequency you will use. Most people say you can then just detect. I disagree in that you should do a ground balance for the area you are hunting. It requires you to hold the GB button down and pump the coil...
  2. G

    legend power output

    So what you are saying is that if it is 30dbd it is legal and if it is higher output it is illegal.
  3. G

    Nokta PI Detector

    Bet it will be introduced at 1/2 the price of the cheapest Minelab pulse machine. 😂 :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:;)
  4. G

    Nokta Impact more than the Legend?

    It's the theory of supply and demand. Manufacturing companies produce items that are in demand in larger numbers than those in short demand. High demand items are more often cheaper to buy and to build. Low demand items are priced higher and generally cost more for parts and labor. Nokta...
  5. G

    Legend vs Manticore

    A representative for Minelab is taking the new machine on a tour of Europe to show off the new machine and its abilities. There are a few youtube videos where it has been put in the hands of a user from a variety of countries who walks fields with the detector with the rep by their side. He...
  6. G

    Legend vs Manticore

    If I recall correctly, the intro video for the Manticore stresses that the amount of power for transmitting the signals into the ground is substantially greater than any other detector allowing for greater depth and target id.
  7. G

    Legend vs Manticore

    While I find the discussion very interesting, I also find it premature. The new ML has not even been released for sale to the public. Box to box comparisons will be made in due time. In the meantime, I will continue to hit the parks and fields with my Legend. I am still learning to get more...
  8. G

    Waterproof Headphones

    Most any of the sponsors who advertise in Findmall who carries Nokta should have them in stock.
  9. G

    Legend 1.08 update installation question

    I have a detecting friend in Ashtabula, OH with the same last name and the same nickname. Closest I have been to Kansas was a business trip to KC, Missouri. Here in sw Ontario the heat and humidity is bad but I don't envy your weather. Thanks for the reply. Happy hunting with the Legend.
  10. G

    Legend 1.08 update installation question

    captnkirk you wouldn't happen to live in NE Ohio would you?
  11. G

    Legend 1.08 update installation question

    And after the reset, don't forget to go to the bluetooth symbol, select it and use the up button to turn it back on so your headphones function.
  12. G

    Frozen Legend. Help!!

    I copied this from the Nokta website. Reverting Back to Factory Defaults After selecting the user profile in the settings menu, press and hold the pinpoint button until letters Fd appear on screen. Fd will disappear after 2 seconds.
  13. G

    Frozen Legend. Help!!

    The "factory reset" is one of the changes coming with the next software update.
  14. G

    nokta customer service

    Check the recovery speed setting in the mode that you are detecting in. Re-read the manual and make sure the setting for the recover speed is at a mid to high setting (5 and higher). This allows the machine to detect targets in close proximity. If the setting is too low, large junk tarkets...
  15. G

    First outing, a couple questions.

    When my machine gets noisy, I try to run through a ground balance and a noise cancellation. This usually quiets the detector. I noticed when I posted that the post above mine also went through noise cancellation. Still learning the machine a little at a time but am trying to add different...
  16. G

    Odd question

    I bet you could write a book on the "stupid question" subject and it would be on the best sellers list. 😂 I worked for the Canada Border Services Agency and I heard some doozies from both Canadians returning home from the U.S. and from U.S. visitors coming to Canada for a vacation.
  17. G

    Pulled the trigger.

    You are going to like the Legend. Check Quarter Hoarder's video. It helps you learn how to use all those buttons.
  18. G

    A park and a farm field

    Thanks for the confirmation of that find. I have another one which is still attached to the original wick cover plate.
  19. G

    Question about the Nokta Legend external battery

    If it helps with the balance of the detector then it makes good reason to keep it on the machine. Do you connect it?
  20. G

    Question about the Nokta Legend external battery

    I'm not trying to be difficult or critical but I am not sure why you would want to swing a light weight detector with the added weight of the external battery for the full time it would take to deplete both the internal and external batteries. The battery is supposed to be a safeguard if you...