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Search results

  1. sgoss66


    That seems to make sense, Tony, that running it shorter WOULD tend to probably "slow you down" a bit... Steve
  2. sgoss66

    Carbon fiber rods

    Thanks for the kind words, AND the information, IDX. There have been some questions from prospective customers recently, as to how my shaft compares, weight-wise, to the stock shaft. I THOUGHT I was within a few grams of the stock shaft, but don't have a D2 myself, so it was hard to know for...
  3. sgoss66


    Tony, that's a tough one for me to answer; I generally use Minelab machines, and as such, have learned to utilize a very "slow sweep speed." That's my "bias," and so I tend to sweep very slow ANYWAY, as I have definitely found that allowing the machine more time to process and take in...
  4. sgoss66


    Sounds good! I'll look forward to chatting with you... Steve
  5. sgoss66


    relicmeister, If/when you are ready, I am certain that my shaft would serve you quite well, based on what you described. Indeed, a few ounces of counterweight with the 9" coil makes complete sense, and is part of why I made my arm cuff 3 to 4 ounces heavier than the stock arm cuff. I was able...
  6. sgoss66


    DigDog -- if you have something you prefer, length-wise, and it differs from my "standard configuration," please DO NOT hesitate to contact me. One thing that I really aim to do, is to please my customers by meeting any specific needs they may have. And often, that results in the need for a...
  7. sgoss66


    You are correct -- to an extent. Shaft length ABSOLUTELY matters, but it's a "relative" thing -- i.e. a taller person running a 52" shaft length will find the shaft more comfortable than a shorter person running that same 52" shaft length. What MATTERS, is how "horizontal" the shaft is...
  8. sgoss66

    Equinox 700/900 lower rods now available...

    Thanks, Jeff! Steve
  9. sgoss66

    Equinox 700/900 lower rods now available...

    Mark, thanks for the kind words! :) I appreciate them... Steve
  10. sgoss66

    Equinox 700/900 lower rods now available...

    Hi all! I wanted to introduce our Equinox 700/900 lower rods, which are now available for $69 plus $11 shipping for a standard-length lower rod (22") or $79 plus $11 shipping for a "tall-man" lower, up to 26" in length. These lowers feature 100% 3K carbon-fiber tubes, in a matte/ribbed surface...
  11. sgoss66

    My D2 Rod Assembly upgrade.

    THANKS, Dan, for the kind words, and to others who chimed in! Very much appreciated and I'm glad folks seem happy with the shaft! Steve
  12. sgoss66

    Manticores first gold!

    Jeff, That's some pretty good hunting, Jeff. Noted your upper FE limit was pretty high/aggressive; looks like it helped tame the iron, while still allowing you to find the goodies hidden in it.. Nice! Steve
  13. sgoss66

    900 Park 2 is really deep, but useless for me

    Some of the "design team" does, actually... Steve
  14. sgoss66

    Equinox 700/900 ergonomics

    Yep, the 600/800 ARE nose-heavy (hence why I make counterweighting available). I still notice it on the MC, but I'm thinking it's just a little better than the EQX (cuff is positioned higher, and handle angle is different, which probably help a little). Ultimately, counterweighting would help...
  15. sgoss66

    Manticore Protective Covers

    Got one for the Manticore (after owning one for my Equinox). Very pleased! Steve
  16. sgoss66


    THANK YOU for the kind words, and I'm so glad you are pleased with the design. Yes, there's alot of "thought" that went into that cuff design, and how it would affect "performance" (feel/balance) of the shaft overall. That, plus a focus on making the stand taller (so that it actually allows...
  17. sgoss66


    Hi all. Almost all detectors made today are nose-heavy/imbalanced, especially when swinging a large coil. That nose-heaviness affects each person differently -- some more, some less, and some very little at all. For those who ARE affected negatively by the nose-heaviness, a very good solution...
  18. sgoss66

    Doubts over Manticore 50% extra power.

    I get it -- you didn't like my post, and you want me to adhere to your thoughts as to how I should make posts in the future. Got it. I'll keep that in mind from now on... Steve
  19. sgoss66

    Doubts over Manticore 50% extra power.

    Vlad, You are totally not getting my point. Perhaps what I was trying to illustrate in my original post did not come across well. You took what I was saying LITERALLY. I made it clear that I was totally shooting from the hip, just to make a point. And my ONLY point in doing so was to try to...
  20. sgoss66

    Doubts over Manticore 50% extra power.

    Vlad -- Thanks for all of the great information! However, I think you missed my point. I am NOT an electrical engineer, and don't claim to be one. All I was saying was that the assumptions Merrill was making were far too narrow; there were many other possibilities as to what could be going...