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Search results

  1. P

    Campus still producing!!

    Its a rouge container, if i am not mistaken.
  2. P

    Speechless and Humbled

    We will keep tabs on you in case you disappear.
  3. P

    Andy Sabisch Coin Program?

    Does look like a budding bromance if I ever saw one! :rofl:
  4. P

    Andy Sabisch Coin Program?

    Guys there is a condition called narcissist personality disorder, not hard for the regular guy to discern, but takes a pro to articulate the condition. One of the characteristics of it is name calling towards those they don't even know, other signs: always a problem child, feel they are...
  5. P

    Andy Sabisch Coin Program?

    Oh I forgot..........HAH!!
  6. P

    Andy Sabisch Coin Program?

    Gosh KansasHunter, I noticed you said "Have some intelligence" and "have some class", maybe you might want to take some of your own advice................. :rofl:
  7. P

    5000 BC Copper Celt

    Part of the fun of this hobby is your imagination, just think who might have held that piece in their hand! If it could speak, what would it say.............. :stars:
  8. P

    My Wife Rocks 18-K...!!💰

    Fastdraw, can you sing? "If it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have no luck at all" Here we go: All together now................ :buds: A one, and a two, I can't hear you.............he-he, I feel good.:rofl:
  9. P

    Black Glass Bottles and More Kinda Day...

    Bottle hunting gets in your blood, check out "privy digging"/youtube, but with these hobbies can be danger, I crawled out on top of a cistern once that was under a front porch. They would usually throw wood or tin over them and let it go. I noticed the ground was flexing under me, I backed up...
  10. P

    Black Glass Bottles and More Kinda Day...

    He he :rofl:, couldn't have said it better myself, cala-d, you know smoking will stunt your growth. Nice finds though, cala-d when I used to hunt bottles I had a machine shop make me a probe with a t handle, I didn't dive but I did hunt some water areas and it came in handy. Plenty of stuff...
  11. P

    Best 7 Cents I've ever found.

    So true, if we can't enjoy each others company on here why bother. Its all in good fun, and no disrespect meant toward anyone, but to be honest I know I'm the only perfect one on here, cept maybe that history teacher who went swimming without a wetsuit. :buds:
  12. P

    Don't Be Jealous..!

    Does your pinpointer have a vibrator mode, just asking :rofl:
  13. P

    Best 7 Cents I've ever found.

    See Mike, here it is...............5+3=8, its easy, you try it, here we go.............count along with me, 5+3=8. :rofl:
  14. P

    Pin pointer tip protector

    couple of turns of duck tape would last awhile...........
  15. P

    sharping digging tools

    Waterdog, as an ex-machinest I can tell you its like night and day. Just learn "how" to sharpen a tool, go to utube and watch. Theres a right way to do it.
  16. P

    Don't Be Jealous..!

    Are you trying to say she is going to fix you a nice supper when you get home, what a sweetheart. I think calabash's wife must fix him a good supper when he brings home good stuff too, he looks healthy. :rofl:
  17. P

    1700s Cut Spanish Silver Today.

    Calabash, what is your research methods? Are you a library guy or do you talk to the older folks etc, maybe an old map guy, whats your method to find old sites if you don't mind me asking.:minelab:
  18. P

    Picture to make you all jealous in the cold!

    Is this the home of the Doobie brothers, is this San Josie, California? I'm confused. :rofl:
  19. P

    Got told to leave a spot today!!

    Hunting on federal property without permission..............think I'll go down to Shiloh national park and pull out the old detector, see you guys when I get out of jail. :shrug:
  20. P

    Haven't seen any good post lately.

    Its so cold here, stray cats are trying to get in my house. I've had 2 hollering at the front door now. Local weatherman warns against exposed skin, yea its cold. I've been doing research too: Why history teachers go swimming in cold water and have trouble telling time. :rofl: I can't find a...