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    XP Deus distributor has sold out and have informed us they won't be needing this forum any longer.

    Many people don't use it however a lot of platforms have closed down and had to go to that unfortunately I wasn't promoting it by the way I was just saying that there are a lot of metal detector pages as many as you want to look for they're there
  2. B

    Rumor has it that XP is looking at new update

    Someone posted a screenshot of their email if that said that XP is working on an update that will be released very soon.
  3. B

    Equinox 700/900 Protective Covers

    I was just making you suggestion if you put a paint marker mark at the location of the buttons and maybe more towards the face of the cover so quit glance you would know where the buttons were then after a few times you wouldn't have to look. But if you're going to be looking at the sky the...
  4. B

    Equinox 700/900 Protective Covers

    Use a bright colored sharpie or paint marker where the buttons are.
  5. B

    WSAII-XL Headphones, Warning

    I drilled a tiny hole in the bottom side of the plug after mine broke off. And I used some 40 lb test braided fishing line as a tether and just attached it to one of the posts on the edge of the ear piece. That way if it falls out while hunting it'll just hang there.
  6. B

    How Come There is No MANTICORE forum here

    Well I for one never really post any of my finds. I think a lot of people are going that direction.
  7. B

    Deus 2 coil trade

    I bought 2 complete detectors, an 11" and a 9" then sold the 11as a complete unit.
  8. B

    Manticore presale going for 2k online

    Yes exactly my thoughts. It takes more time and lots more money to build from scratch than to copy another manufacturers hard work. Turkey copies many things like China. Look at Canik pistols... Clones of Walther /CZ and a few others. Canik pistols can be bought for a fraction of the cost of...
  9. B

    Deus lower rod improvement.

    The simplex/legend lower rod is shaped exactly like the deus lower. It fits right in like it was made for it. A 5 min mod allows you to use the lower in place of the stock deus lower. I love it and won't go back. It also ads 2.5" of length.
  10. B

    Deus lower rod improvement.

    Message me your address and I will send you a set.
  11. B

    Deus lower rod improvement.

    Here's a couple more pics to show you the rest of what I did. That bushing to fill the Gap inside the lower simplex rod you can buy at Lowe's and a pack of like four for $0.94 and they fit perfectly inside the lower shaft to fill that whole giant Gap. You can superglue it like I did and make it...
  12. B

    Deus lower rod improvement.

    On the several equinoxes that I had I used all but the original washers. The teardrop shaped original washers wore out so fast that I was afraid the ears of the coil were going to snap off like everybody else's did. So I quickly bought a carbon fiber shaft off of Steve and it came with the two...
  13. B

    Deus lower rod improvement.

    This is for using the simplex or Legend carbon fiber lower rod with a Deus or Deus 2. This is all you need, a nylon spacer 2 thick rubber washers and Sand each side of the lower rod down just a little bit so that there's plenty of space on each side where it's not rubbing the inside of the coil...
  14. B

    XP Deus II could use some simple fixes for diving. Please read XP techs.

    I used the locking mechanism from detecting doodads and so far I like it really well. I use it on all of my shafts now. The wire going up to the center of the shaft I do that also that's very nice.
  15. B

    Anyone using Anderson shaft for Deus II?

    I am and so far I love it. I like the way the remote sits on the mount and can swivel some to make it easier to see screen. Plus it has more length than I will need which is saying alot since I'm 6'4" and always use a tall man's rod. Also for beach use I can tighten coil down much better to...
  16. B

    XP Deus 2 wear.

    I do agree that small grains of sand will eventually get in some place but in the short period of time that I've hunted on the beach it has caused a large amount of wear especially on the end of the lower shaft it's chewed it up like it's been put up to a grinder. The side with a rubber washer...
  17. B

    XP Deus 2 wear.

    Yeah I had a problem with the equinox doing the same thing with the stock shaft then teardrop shaped rubber washers wore out quickly and started wearing on the ears of the coil. After I got my aftermarket shaft I never had any more issues with the coil ears on the equinox. But on the Deus if you...