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Search results

  1. morelic1955

    How many of you hunt with Tracking on all the time?

    Always, ever since I got my X-Terra 70 in 2007.
  2. morelic1955

    Unstable vdi on the exterra pro

    The best discrimination is your Brain!
  3. morelic1955

    Unstable vdi on the exterra pro

    Got that right, Tracking Rules!!!!!!!!!!
  4. morelic1955

    It Wasn't A Fluke!

    Looks like you are off to a great start with the Pro!!!
  5. morelic1955

    using wired headphone with Xpro

    Gray Ghosts and the Rattlers with the ML plug factory installed is what I use, can't stand the wireless.
  6. morelic1955

    My X Terra Pro is on the way

    Well, the last site I was at, I wondered if I had missed the deep bullets with my 705 that I found with the pro! Need something like a golf bag for these excursions!
  7. morelic1955

    Can you update the X-Terra Pro

    I really can't see any use to update the Pro, I'm still on a learning curve letting my brain compare it to the old X-Terra series! I will be taking both to the field next time to compare and see if the 70/705 will sniff out the deep targets.
  8. morelic1955

    My X Terra Pro is on the way

    Good luck brother! I think you will be pleased with the results!
  9. morelic1955

    X-Terra Forum

    One advantage of the Pro is that our forum has been active again, live and well! For the price of the Pro, it's been worth it to activate old friendships and gather us back again. I visit here daily now!!!!!
  10. morelic1955

    Some accessories for the Xterra Pro

    Nice to know all of the Nox accessories fit the Pro.
  11. morelic1955

    Coil Ears

    I have already seen people putting the ear protectors on their VX coil. The 1st thing I noticed when I un-boxed mine was the thicker coil ears and that the coil bolt screws into the ear on the other side of the coil. The 1st generation X-Terra had some problems with this, I repaired a couple...
  12. morelic1955

    X-Terra headphones

    I'll just stick to my wired Grey Ghost and Rattlers that have the plugs that twist right on to the Pro, that is when I use them. If i am out in the wild and there is no breeze, I don't use them anyways!
  13. morelic1955

    Xterra Pro Military discount

    Not enough profit margin on the low end detectors.
  14. morelic1955

    X-terra Pro Bass Pro Shops?

    I think it really sucks that the big box stores get the detectors before the dealers that stand behind them and give advise, they limit the number of units to the dealers on the 1st shipment also!
  15. morelic1955

    X-Terra Pro Digs Again

    Out yesterday to a camp we have hunted for over 10 years. These .69s were 10" deep, 20 feet apart. The pro seems to have the same deep language as the 70/705 as far as depth goes.
  16. morelic1955

    Pro Out In The Field

    Will do, so far I have it set up in field 2, 2 tones, auto trac. Where I hunted last weekend I could run it wide open, but like the 70/705 I back it down 2. To me it's an upgrade form the 705 as far a weight and not having to change coils out. Funny, the deepest target I've found with the Pro...
  17. morelic1955

    Pro Out In The Field

    One time out, not too bad, easier to use than the NOX I had!!!!
  18. morelic1955

    Pro Out In The Field

    1st time out, got a nice drop and a flower button. Need a few more digs to conclude and get use to it.